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6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill/ gym weights

I was worried about how my knee would feel this morning, but is was fine during my run, so that’s good. My new routine would have had me go to Body Pump this morning, but since my knee was a little sore yesterday, I decided to just hit the gym for weights instead. I’ll probably still go Thursday though. I really like that class 🙂


Todd and I had reason for a special dinner date on the calendar (no, it’s not baby related). We’ve been busy every weekend for months, so when this weekend opened up we jumped at the chance for our date night. We tossed around several restaurants we’ve been wanting to try… Malio’s, Charley’s, Armani’s, Ocean Prime, but after looking at reviews on Yelp, I knew we just HAD to try Osteria Natalina. I’ve never seen a place with such rave reviews.

It is in a small strip plaza in South Tampa and you’d never guess such a gem was hiding there. As we walked up, the owner, Spartaco opened the door for us and welcomed us in. I wore the same dress I wore for our first dinner in Italy last year…

italy osteria

Just like in Italy, they brought us water in a glass bottle, bread and an olive tapenade type dipping sauce. I could NOT decided what I wanted for the life of me! It all sounded so good. So the waiter, Adolfo, came up with a multi course menu for us that catered to my every craving 🙂 Be prepared for a photo shoot with each dish, haha. We started of with a calamari appetizer…

IMAG1064Ya that’s right… this calamari was GRILLED! It came on a bed of mixed greens with garlic oil and lemon drizzled on top. It was on point! Todd and I each got plates this size, too. Our next appetizer was a pasta sampler…

IMAG1066A huge lobster ravioli with pink sauce, an over sized braised beef filled tortellini with a brown gravy and two pasta purses filled with Gorgonzola and pear topped with a bechamel sauce with walnuts. Again, both Todd and I each got a plate. The ravioli had so much lobster in it and the tortellini was awesome, but the pasta purses, called Sacchetini were like crack. They were so freakin good I can’t even put it into words. Next up was the “Bel Sit,” homemade pasta and seafood (calamari, clams, muscles and shrimp) in either a white wine sauce or red sauce… I couldn’t decied, so Adolfo split the order and brought two bowls, one white, one red.


pastaI guess they pretty much look the same, haha, but they tasted completely different. The homemade noodles were long twisty things and oh so good! Last and CERTAINLY not least was the lasagna…

IMAG1072Oh.Emm.Geee. Way to finish on a high note! This was layers of fresh pasta, ground beef, bechamel and pink sauce. It was so rich and delicious! Probably the best lasagna I’ve ever had. Seriously. They asked if we wanted an espresso or dessert and we said no thanks, but he still came out with a “palate cleanser” of pistachio gelato. What a nice guy! I was pretty excited and forgot to take a picture, haha. I did however get a pic with Adolfo!


I highly highly highly recommend Osteria Natalina! Everything there was so fresh and handmade! Ahhh, I want to go back already! They were super accommodating and made our date night a huge success. It was the best experience I’ve had at a restaurant, I think, ever.

What is your favorite Italian dish?

Have you ever had an awesome experience like this?

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  1. OHHH pistachio gelato..YES YES! YUM! This all looks and sounds so good. I love your dress, and you both look great! Yay for date night!

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