Metamucil, Smoker, Poker


Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/Pilates

My run was lack luster and unfortunately so was Pilates. We had a sub and to be blunt, I didn’t like her. I’m sure personally she’s cool, but not as a Pilates instructor.

Wednesday: 8 miles @ 8:07 pace on trail

Two words sum up this run. Hot & Sweaty. But aren’t all runs outside this way now?! It’s OK though… I enjoy sucking down NUUN after my runs. So refreshing!


Can we please talk about my crappy (literally) run? Sooooo, as you read, Sunday we went to Osteria Natalina for dinner. Monday I had a Cuban from Publix (they are on sale :)) Last night I had an event to attend that had a ton of food, including pizza, really yummy chicken salad with walnuts and cranberries and too many desserts to list. Needless to say, I have eaten like crap the last few days and my body doesn’t like it. Warning- possible TMI to follow! After I eat out I almost always become “irregular,” if you know what I mean… I guess its the higher sodium, refined carbs, I don’t know… It happened to me after Britt’s Wedding and all the deliciousness I consumed. I usually “go” every morning when I wake up, but after the wedding festivities and again after the past few days of junkier food, I just wasn’t going. So before I left last night for the event, I took some Metamucil to hopefully get things going by the morning.


Well it worked! BUT I should have chosen a morning I WASN’T running outside, haha. I had to stop TWICE on my measly 8 mile run to crap. And the second time, I almost didn’t make it! Like, butt clenched, shuffling walk to the restroom. Hopefully after my unloading this morning I’ll be back on track tomorrow morning. Hopefully.

Remember my post about the cologne guy? Well today there was a man walking on the trail smoking. Ugh. I hate smoking in general, but even more so when I’m running and have to breathe it in. It’s so gross and makes me cough. A Noy Ing.

no smoking

Oh, on a high note… Todd had poker night with his buddies last night and he came home a winner and $100 richer! Heck ya! This is his second time winning, too. Maybe he should quit his job and play poker… Orrrrrr not, haha.

On a random note… I’ve been debating going to 4ish posts a week. Now I know this will mean you won’t get a daily dose of HRF, but you can always e-mail me ( if you need the void filled 😉 I follow some blogs that post once, even twice a day, and sometimes it’s annoying. I don’t want to be annoying.

Have you had to stop mid run for potty reasons?

What are your thoughts on quad-weekly posts?

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  1. I have had to stop mid run for a LOT of random reasons and potty is one… no shame. I now carry biodegradable toilet paper with me. It’s true.

  2. LOL! If you read through some of my race recaps you know I have some serious tummy issues and I’m no stranger to a porto-potty dash. I have to take Metamucil+prilosec every day! 🙂

    • I have read through them and my tummy troubles are no where close to yours. Hopefully you’ve gotten a lot of that figured out… stinks about the no pizza 🙁

  3. I had to sneak over and take a look at your post after your comment on my Sweat Pink question! You had me laughing at “butt clenched, shuffling walk to the restroom,” because I have done that run/walk of shame many times! 🙂

  4. I have decided that there is Murphy’s Law and there is Runner’s Law. In Runner’s Law…you have to poo when you are geographically the furthest from home and/or a bathroom. I’ve have started to count it as a dual workout – Running AND clenching my butt cheeks until I can get to a freakin’ bathroom! (I run in the subdivisions around my house, no pooping in the bushes for me – Haha!) #RunnerProbs 😉

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