Cheerios and Kindle


 8 miles @ 7:44 pace on trail

Still not “regular,” but no emergency stops today 🙂 Not sure what got into me, but I ran this a bit faster than I normally do my mid-week runs. I’ve been using Todd’s Garmin (even though it frustrates the crap out of me) just in case I have to divert off my out and back path to use the restroom (and therefore don’t know my mileage), but haven’t been paying attention to the pace. I’ve been enjoying running by feel, but still really missing my speed workouts! I switched up my Cherry Limeade NUUN to the Watermelon flavor and it hit the spot today!


These days, most people have a DVR and avoid commercials at all cost. I get it. Most commercials suck and the same ones replay over and over. I, however, sometimes enjoy watching them. I like to analyze them and pick them apart. I know it annoys Todd, but being the amazing husband he his, he puts up with it 🙂

About a month ago I saw a very interesting Cheerios commercial… and I loved it!

Immediately upon watching it, I asked Todd if he noticed the couple was interracial. He kind of chuckled and said, “No.” So I rewound it and pointed it out. Of course he wouldn’t notice it, and why should he? That is nothing out of the norm these days. I think this commercial is so clever for a few reasons. I love that the little girl takes her dad’s words that ‘Cherrios are good for your heart’ so literally. That’s totally how kids think! I also like how the mom is in the kitchen and dad is on the couch, so unless you are actually paying attention and care, you wouldn’t realize the interracial couple. Like I said before, it’s nothing new. What I did NOT like, is the backlash that this commercial received. General Mills actually had to take off the comments section of this video on YouTube. How sad is that? I don’t want to get all preachy, so I won’t, haha, but come on people!

Another commercial along the same lines that I think is super clever is this Kindle commercial…

I love love love the tag line, “My husband’s getting me a drink right now…” “So is mine!” I didn’t even catch this one until the second time I saw it. Again, it’s one of those things that unless you are actually paying attention, you won’t notice it. But I bet you the LGBT community noticed it right away. I love that companies are “standing up” for what they believe in. They aren’t shouting it out or shoving it in your face. They are not forcing you to believe in what they do, but they aren’t afraid to share their beliefs. I guess I just appreciate the honesty and lack of judgement. Or maybe I just like to over analyze things too much, haha.

What do you think of these commercials?

Do you use a DVR to avoid commercials?

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  1. We over here in the Bowry household analyze commercials too. Dedee and I actually talked about how refreshing it was to see an interracial couple in that same Cheerios commercial. Recently we’ve noticed the change in the McDonald’s radio commercials.

    • It is definitely refreshing! Now I can’t say I listen to radio commercials, haha… I just change the channel. But I’ll be paying closer attention now 🙂

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