Month: July 2013

Another Childhood Food Memory

WORKOUT Rest/ Pilates More rest for this girl. Sigh. Pilates was good though. There were a few moves that I thought might aggravate my glute, so I took it easy on those. My favorite instructor Mary Anne is awesome and said she would look into my glute problem and e-mail me with some info. Gotta love a teacher that goes above and beyond! ****** I feel like I’ve been reliving my childhood lately with the Fluffernutters and oldies music and skiing. Here is yet another memory from my childhood… Hot Dog Cheesy Toast! We used to make these all the […]

Riley the Helper

WORKOUT 30 minutes on stationary bike @ a snails pace/ Abs My glute isn’t really feeling much better/different than it did last Monday… even after a freakin week of rest. SO. I have decided to try and incorporate super light exercise. I know biking for 30 minutes at a leisurely pace isn’t going to build any fitness, but the point is to gradually introduce the running movement back into my butt’s life. Hopefully, this will help, but who knows. If anything it will help keep me sane, haha. ****** Today, Riley and I got a lot of chores done around […]

Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team

WORKOUT Saturday: Rest/ Weights/ Abs Sunday: Rest/ Abs I can still feel my glute, so I am STILL not running. I don’t want to mess up any progress I’ve already let happen. Sigh. ****** I said it back when my knee was hurt, and I’ll say it again… I have so much LESS laundry to do when I’m not running. It’s really kind of sad that over half of my laundry is running clothes- shorts/bras/tops/socks. Speaking of running… since I’m still taking a break from my beloved sport, I think I might take up water ski performing. Just kidding! I’ll […]

Protein Pancake Fail

WORKOUT Thursday: Rest/ Weights/Abs Friday: Rest/ Abs Still trucking, or should I say slugging, away at my rest week. ****** Let me start off by saying I’m a total fan of regular pancakes. I personally think pancakes are supposed to be made of carbohydrates and are meant to be light and fluffy and bread like. However, I wanted to experiment and delve into the world of protein pancakes. After lifting weights on Thursday, I came home and tried my hand at it. I came across an easy recipe HERE, but modified it a bit, to look like this: 1 scoop […]

Stupid, Stupid Heather

WORKOUT Tuesday: Rest/ Pilates Wednesday: Rest/ Daily Push-ups and core work I’m on day 3 of my “rest” week and I am growing restless! How did I ever get through 2 whole months when my knee was hurt?! ****** Sooooo, I think I know how I hurt my glute. Remember the below picture from THIS post? Ya, well, I think lifting my leg up and holding it there right after my run and try to take a picture is what did it. The things I do for you people. Ha. I know I will never really KNOW how I hurt […]

Fluff + Peanut Butter= Love

WORKOUT Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on trail I had to get one last run in with my new watch before I take a break completely to let my glute heal. It has been bothering me now for almost 3 weeks It doesn’t hurt to run on it, but I feel it throughout my run and it’s tight after. I really want to train for a fall marathon but need my body to be 100% before I start any intense workouts. SO, I am taking a break from running until it gets better. How long you ask? Could be […]

Six Ten Saturday

WORKOUT 14 miles @ 7:48 pace on trail Recap below ****** I have become very fond of using alliteration in my posts titles lately, huh? Look what came in the mail yesterday EEEE! Finally. I was so excited to bust it open and start playing with it! I’ll do a better review of it once I have used it more, but so far I am loving it. I customized the main screens to the things I use most: Screen 1- Distance/Average Pace, Screen 2- Distance/Current Pace, Screen 3- Lap Distance/Lap Pace. All I have to do is tap the screen […]