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My glute was feeling much better, but to play it safe, I took another day off. I was going to do Body Pump but since half of that class is squats and lunges (working my glute), I decided to stick with only upper body/core for today 🙂


Todd’s mom has been wanting to try this lunch place, Lunch On Limoges, in Dade City for a while now. For those of you not familiar with Tampa and it’s surrounding areas, Dade City is about an hour and a half from Tampa. They are closed on Sundays and this past Saturday our schedules were open so we set a lunch date. Their website suggests making reservations, so that we did… for 1pm. As a reminder, I did my 16 mile long run Saturday, so my appetite was revved up! We arrived a little before 1 and walked around the adjoining shop.


Everything was very eclectic and/or old-timey. I mean, look at the napkin and table cloth colors. We were promptly seated and served some yummy fruit muffins with pineapple butter…

muffinsThere are no menus on the tables. Instead, a chalkboard menu is pushed around from table to table. So after 10 minutes of waiting for another table to look over the menu, the chalkboard finally arrived… (pic from their website, I forgot to snap a shot)

menuSince there are no descriptions, of course I had a million questions. After narrowing down my options, I opted for the Mediterranean Eggplant Sammie with Tomato Gazpacho. The sammie had sauteed eggplant, roasted peppers, kalamata olives, artichokes, and feta cheese on three cheese bread with pesto. I wasn’t really in the mood for pesto so I kindly asked if they could leave it off and the waitress said ‘no’. Excuse me?! She said that it would ‘change the flavor of the sandwich’. Well, no shit! That’s why I didn’t want it on there. Todd remarked that they probably premake them and that’s why she couldn’t accommodate. She assured us that they were freshly made… Then why would not spreading pesto on the bread be a big deal? So I asked if I could have the Turkey Bacon Croissant Sandwich on regular bread. She said that it only comes on a croissant. Holey crap. Talk about the worst customer service ever. Is it really that hard to put meat on a different carbohydrate?! I ended up just going with the eggplant thing…

IMAG0888 (1)

The bread was way too buttery. After a few bites of the greasy bread, I ended up just picking out the veggies and feta. The tomato gazpacho was nothing special but it was good. Todd got the pecan crusted chicken. Seems safe right? WRONG…

IMAG0887 Ya. That’s exactly how it came… sides and all. If you can call them sides. That’s like 2 red potatoes worth of “potato salad” alongside sugar buttered carrots and raisins. And can we please take a look at that chicken. That’s a gross pecan butter sauce (if you can call it that) oozing off the driest piece of fried chicken- Todd’s words, not mine, as I had no desire to try it, haha. He is a pretty easy guy to please, so if HE doesn’t like something, you know it’s bad. I didn’t get a picture of the MILs salmon. It was literally a 3oz portion of poached salmon with a dill dipping sauce on the side.

In case you can’t tell, haha, we were not a huge fan of this place. The service was lacking and the food was sub par. Remember how I mentioned I ran 16 miles on this day? Ya, well I was freakin starving when we got there and still hungry when we left. By the time we walked around downtown Dade City, which was pretty cute, and dropped my MIL at her house I was Hangry. HANGRY! I told Todd to take me to the closest Publix so we could get a sub… I ate it right there in the store (they had tables) and boy was it good!

REMINDER: Tomorrow is 7/11… Don’t forget to get your FREE Slurpee!!!

What’s the last restaurant you ate at?

Do you ask for accommodations when eating out?

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  1. WTF I would have left! Ok probably not, but I definitely would never go back, so lame they don’t accommodate. They are going to loose business doing things that way!

    • You would think, but they have been open forever and doing well… my best guess is that it’s a different lifestyle there (think really small town) and people like me annoy them, haha, but are far a few between.

  2. WOW! I would have been hangry too! hmmm last thing I ate was a publix sub too 😉 Can never go wrong with a whole turkey sub for $4.99.

  3. haha just as you expected! I’m sorry it wasn’t good. At least you can say you tried it and someone wont be asking to go there again. 🙂

    The last restaurant that I ate at was SeaHags in Treasure Island last saturday for dinner and you bet I asked for my food a certain way. (I mean if you are paying for it, it better be how you like it!) I had their Carribean chicken salad (mixed greens, tomatos, blackbeans, corn, red pepper, grilled chicken breast chedder cheese and ranch.) However I requested mine with no cheese and instead of ranch, I got Salsa for dressing. It was so good!

    • I LOVE using salsa for salad dressing! Ranch really isn’t my thing on salad. I think of it more as a dipping “sauce” for raw veggies. Glad SOMEONE enjoyed their meal, haha!

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