Alarm Clocks & A Summer Dealio


16 miles @ 7:54 pace on trail

I made sure to roll out my glute and do extra dynamic stretching this morning before my run and it seemed to help. I’ll probably take it easy the next few days in hopes it gets even better. I just really look forward to my long runs 🙂


I was happy when I woke up this morning to 75 degrees and 92% humidity. No, really. I was. It rained all afternoon and evening (or prevening as Sheldon Cooper would call it… any Big Bang Theory fans?) yesterday and I was expecting it to be more humid.

When I’m eating my pre-run food I usually watch something DVRed (nothing good is on TV at 4:30am) or catch up on FB and blogs. This morning I LOVED coming across this picture my friend Jillian posted…

jillians alarm

It’s nice to know there are other crazies out there running in the dark, haha. My plan was to leave the house at 5:30am- like I was supposed to do last Saturday– and that I did. It’s so much nicer to run in the dark these days and worth going to bed earlier. Todd had 8 miles on tap for today, so he drove to the trail an hour later. We just got a new camera and wanted to test it out with some running action shots!


These were literally at the very end of my run, so there wasn’t much “action” i.e. fast running… but they will do! I think they look fine, but Todd says he still needs to play with the settings.


And in case you haven’t heard… PRO Compression is having a HUGE summer sale. This is different from their SOM (sock of the month) because the discount is off of EVERYTHING! I know personally the calf sleeves are perfect for the summer because I can rock them while wearing sandals 🙂 Here’s the dealio:

Huge Summer Savings from PRO Compression

Get 40% off ALL merchandise at, including their brand NEW Neon Calf Sleeves and Team PC Gear such as hats and running visors!


Simply enter coupon code JULY at checkout. You’ll save 40% and get free US shipping. Click here to stock up today:

Hurry, hurry hurry! The coupon code JULY expires August 4, 2013.

How many miles did you run/bike/elliptical/rollerblade/etc. today?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. Somehow I just hopped right out of bed at 5am yesterday for my long run! And then I ran it WAYYYYYY too fast – at least 30-45sec faster than my MRP. Oopsie 🙂 Half marathon training habits die hard – and hills are fun. I’m sooo tired today but looking forward to a nice recovery shakeout on the TM later tonight. That’ll put me at 17-18 miles for the weekend.

    • Nice and hey, if you can keep that HM pace for your long runs go for it! Shake out runs are the best, but I’m not sure I can agree with you on hills being fun… great weekend mileage 🙂

  2. I’m marathon training 6 weeks in. So today was 11 miles. I feel guilty running them slow but that mentally makes it easier for me. I love running but I don’t love marathon training. It’s my first!

    • Marathon training definitely has its ups and downs. Don’t feel guilty running slow miles… they help in the long run. Get it- the long run- ha! I crack myself up. Good luck with training 🙂

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