What I Noticed Wednesday


8 miles @ 7:52 pace on trail

My glute was still a bit tight- arg! but loosened up during the run. I made sure to foam roll and stretch a bunch after. I also did a random bunch of core exercises.


What I noticed on my run: When there are young/fast/fit high school cross country runners out there while I run, I run faster than I should. I always do it. Whenever I come across other speedy runners, I try to “impress” them. I know it’s dumb… they could care less how fast or slow I run, but something in me just picks up the pace.

What else I noticed on my run: About half way through, I have to loosen my visor a bit. I’ve been noticing this every run and have failed to mention it here, but I’m pretty sure my head is swelling from the heat, haha. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it feels so much better once I loosen it a bit.

What I noticed after my run:

IMAG0918Do you notice what I did? No? How about now… (Please excuse my veiny feet)

IMAG0919Yup, I lost a toenail. I knew it was loose- kind of like a loose tooth when you were a kid- and it was only a matter of time. I’ve lost this toenail half a dozen times and it seems to happen randomly. I obviously haven’t raced since Boston and haven’t done any intense workouts. The nail doesn’t turn black or blue, it just kind of pulls away from the nail bed. It doesn’t hurt at all, not even once it falls off. Todd told me I need to paint the new “nail” asap, haha. I’ll get on that tonight.

What I noticed on Riley’s walk: It goes by SO much faster when I’m accompanied by someone. Specifically, the girl below 🙂 Don’t get me wrong… I love walking my precious dogter, but during these sunny, HOTT, humid summer days, sometimes the last thing I want to do is go out for a 2 mile walk. Could I  shorten the walk? Sure. But Ry girl deserves a good energy release every day just like her momma!


What I noticed on my drive home Tuesday: Remember how I was out of town for work? Can you guess where I was based on this electric pole I passed?


What I noticed on my drive home today: That people suddenly forget how to drive once it starts raining. I swear. We live in FL people. It rains almost every day during the summer. Just because it is raining, doesn’t mean you immediately need to start driving 35 miles per hour on Dale Mabry (a busy, major road in Tampa). Ugh.

What did you notice today?

What did you have for dinner tonight?

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  1. Nice pace! I have to loosen my visor too, I’m glad you mentioned it because I wonder if I’m the only one. Then I sort of regret wearing it because it bobs around. It’s nice to have those motivational runners to help push you along faster when necessaiey, I bet they are watching. I don’t think I’ve hit 8 miles in the middle of the week yet but I know it’s going to start soon. Have a great rest of your week!

    • A visor is a must for me! Keeps the sun/sweat off my face and eyes. Get excited for mid week mileage! Just another reason to keep those injuries in check 🙂

  2. I always seem to run faster as well when more runners are around! Most be that natural competition 🙂
    I have never lost a toenail and I am counting down the days/dreading the days until I lose one!

  3. IT rains alllll the time in Washington too, and whenever I visit Arizona and it rains I have to laugh because everyone FREAKS OUT! AHH I feel like I should congratulate you for the lost toenail..like..it’s a victory. I hope it doesn’t hurt though.

  4. eep! your toenail! did it hurt/does it hurt? is it from all the running? my husband lost his toenail once too. i remember looking down and thought: something’s missing….. and we both realized his nail was gone.

    • Nope! Doesn’t hurt at all! Some people do experience pain, but not this lady, thankfully. I’m sure it’s from running but I don’t mind losing a nail every now and then for a good run 🙂

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