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Saturday: Rest/ Weights/ Abs

Sunday: Rest/ Abs

I can still feel my glute, so I am STILL not running. I don’t want to mess up any progress I’ve already let happen. Sigh.


I said it back when my knee was hurt, and I’ll say it again… I have so much LESS laundry to do when I’m not running. It’s really kind of sad that over half of my laundry is running clothes- shorts/bras/tops/socks. Speaking of running… since I’m still taking a break from my beloved sport, I think I might take up water ski performing. Just kidding! I’ll leave that up to the Tampa Bay Water Ski Show Team! Every Saturday, they put on a free show and as regular readers know, if it’s free it’s for me! I’ve been wanting to go to a show for a few weeks now, but we’ve either been busy or the weather hasn’t held up. FINALLY, thunderstorms decided to stay away and we were able to go this Saturday 🙂

What’s cool about this place for me, is that it’s the place I first learned how to water ski! Oh memories! It’s tucked back down a gravel road on a small lake, but it’s the perfect venue. Each week the show has a different theme and this week’s was the 50’s and 60’s. Talk about more memories! The music from this era totally takes me back to my childhood. I know my dad would have LOVED to be there. Each routine the team did went to an oldies song and I was singing the whole time! I think Todd was glad I didn’t bust out the Mic Hand, haha.

They started off with the ladies doing their ballet routine, which was pretty cool. They perfectly transitioned from one position to the next! It’s crazy to think they are doing all of this on freakin skis!

ski ladies

The show didn’t limit itself to just skiing, though… they had an awesome wake boarder, too! He did all sorts of flips and tricks.

ski wakeboard

The couples routine was great and a little more fast paced than the ladies ballet routine- obviously since there were less people. I like seeing the harder “tricks” and enjoyed this a little more than the full line of ladies.


Next up was probably my favorite part… the jump ramp! This team of 4 guys did amazing! They did front and back flips off the ramp and switched back and forth under each others ropes.

ski guysAnd of course, the show stopper… the human pyramid!

ski pyramidThere were several more routines then I talked about, but I don’t want to inundate you guys with pictures. The whole Tampa Bay Water Ski Show team is made up of a group of other teams and individual competitors, all of whom have ranked highly in regional and national competitions. The girl in the picture below is going to nationals next week. I just had to get a shot with her 🙂

ski picThe show began at 6PM, so we had dinner before we left and since it was hot outside and froyo was on the way home, you know we HAD to stop. That’s a rule.

IMAG0968Have you ever been water skiing?

Have you ever been to a water skii show?

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