HRF Baby, Travel, and Running Update


Sunday: Rest

Monday: Body Pump/ Body Flow

I kicked my butt in Body Pump today. I added more weight than normal to really test myself. I didn’t do the squat or lunge sets, and instead planked the whole time. Not sure how long it was, but I was shaking at the end, haha. This was my first time taking Body Flow. It was a combo of Tai Chi and Yoga and was the perfect cool down/stretch sesh after BP.



SIIIIIIKE! That’s what we like to call a food baby here in the Winchell Household, haha. Last month I announced that Todd and I are trying to get pregnant. (I love how the husband is also trying to get pregnant in that sentence, haha, if only!) Well, we are still trying but my body just isn’t ready yet. After getting off birth control after Boston, I have yet to have a date with aunt Flow. I got blood work done 3 months into our trying and everything came back normal, so that is positive. For now, it’s just a waiting game. Never thought I’d be begging to get my period, haha. And when I do, I want one of these… only nicer.

While it’s quite a bummer I’m having trouble getting pregnant, it might be a blessing in disguise (for now). Todd is traveling for work to Taiwan for 2ish months at the end of the year. As we’ve done in the past, I plan on meeting him out there at the end of his work trip and turning it into a vacation! I couldn’t be more excited (and slightly anxious) to experience a TOTALLY different culture. Sure, we’ve traveled to places that don’t speak English, but at least you can somewhat figure out what people are saying or kind of read their language. Ummmm, I have NO CLUE what their letters, read: symbols, stand for. Thankfully, Todd will be out there long enough to figure some of that out before I get there.

Chinese Heather

I say “blessing in disguise” because who knows what I’ll be eating or breathing in over there. We plan on traveling to a few different Asian countries and I know their food regulations aren’t quite what they are here. Not to mention, Todd and I love trying new/weird foods! We both agreed we won’t be trying Durian though. No.Matter.What. If you’ve never heard of it, Google it. Even Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, won’t eat it! So with all of that, NOT growing a little human in my belly is probably best.

Considering the above info, I have decided to register for a fall marathon 🙂 yay yay yay! I will be running in the Space Coast Marathon, December 1st. My initial goal, before I hurt my glute, was to PR with a 3:08 (current PR is 3:13:48), but with all the glute crap, I’m worried that may be setting the bar too high. You see, the plan I follow would have me at week 2 already. I’m not worried about the distance, but my base speed is non-existent 🙁 For me to PR, I’d have to do some serious speed work and shoot, I’m not even running right now. Arg. Here I am setting my PR…


Ahh the good ole days. On a positive note… Todd and I ran this together at the beginning of our running “career” and it is an AWESOME race! The course is flat, the organization is top notch, time of the year is great and racer perks are outta this world (get it, space, world, okay) The medals are huge, you get a finishers shirt and towel, and the post race has pancakes and pizza! When we ran it back in 2009, they even had large buckets filled with ice water that acted as mini ice baths for your legs. They really do go above and beyond. Opps I did it again 😉

Space Coast 2009

Man have we come along way since then, haha. I can’t wait to run Space Coast no matter what my final goal may be. I will be happy just to run!

Are there traveling plans in your near future?

Any life updates you’d like to share?

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  1. You totally had me on the baby bump… food baby… cute! It’s so important to have a sense of humor during that stressful time. I tried for over a year before I got my Bryce. Sending you prayers!

  2. Oh my gosh you fooled me too, I love that you posted this with no shame!! I have a GIANT food baby almost 24/7. I think everything indeed happens for a reason, and this might not be the right time for baby Winchell! I have positive thoughts your marathon will go great!

    • I’m so tricky! The sad part is, that wasn’t even after a big meal. Glad I’m not the only one who can bust out a food baby, haha. It’s prob all those green veggies we eat 🙂 And thank you for the marathon thoughts!!!

  3. You definitely fooled me! I was getting excited for a baby series on your blog!
    I do wish you the best during your “trying phase!”
    Can’t wait to hear about your marathon! No matter what you will rock it!!!!!!

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