I Need to Get Out More


Saturday: 4 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill

I was going to do Body Pump Sat morning, but was still kind of sore from pushing myself Wed and thought I’d give my muscles a break. Your welcome muscles. My run was just another easy peasy recovery run. I wanted to keep it light before my long run Sunday because of my glute.

Sunday: 14 miles @ 8:04 pace on trail

Recap below.


Let’s start out with the positive… overall, today’s long run was better than last weeks. The temperature and humidity are not letting up here in Florida. I was drenched after my run, BUT I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out in the end, haha. I did a better job of “carbing up,” if you want to call it that, this week. In case you missed it, I took a few weeks off of running due to a glute issue I’ve been having. This of course means I had to adjust my diet a bit, eating more protein and veggies than carbs. I love my bread, oatmeal, pasta and rice so this is always rough for me. Last week I was JUST getting back into running and didn’t plan accordingly… well folks, I was happy happy happy to add more of those foods into my diet this week 🙂

(That’s for you Erica)

And the extra carbs made ALL the difference. Like I said before, I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out, I felt fueled throughout my entire run. I was, however, exhausted at the end. A month ago I was knocking out 16 milers at or below an 8:00 pace and feeling fine at the end. I know this is directly correlated with me NOT being acclimated to running outside. Hence the post title, I need to get out more. Adding more mileage outside, as dreadful as it may be right now is a must if I want to increase my long runs… which I do 🙂 Gotta get ready for Space Coast!

space coast 2009

Me at the Expo in 2009

Once I got home from my run, the rest of my day was pretty typical. I leave super early for long runs so I don’t have to run too much in the sun, and when I get home, Todd is usually still sleeping. Opening the garage door doesn’t wake him- he sleeps like a rock- but it wakes Ry girl up, who, in turn, wakes Todd up 🙂 I have a banana while my coffee is brewing and oatmeal or pancakes are cooking. I stretch and eat, then jump in the shower while Todd walks Riley and cuts the lawn. I walk Riley everyday, and when Todd’s home on the weekends, he give me a break in the dog walking department. He always treats me like quite the princess after my long runs. I’m not running anything hard these days, so I don’t really deserve the special treatment, but I kinda like it 😉

I surprised him today though and while he was walking Riley I mowed the lawn!


I haven’t mowed the lawn in so long that I forgot to hold the lever that makes it self propel. Idiot, haha. I was literally PUSHING the mower. Once he came home and saw me struggling he pointed it out. Then I was having fun with it! But since I had a long run today, he wasn’t having any of me doing yard work, so I went in and showered. Lunch or should I say Linner (lunch +dinner) was another usual post run meal…


As you can see HERE and HERE I love sushi after long runs. Dare I say it makes me Happy Happy Happy… OK sorry for that one, but I just had to 🙂

Do you have a favorite post run meal?

Have you mowed your lawn without a self propelled mower?

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