Throw Back Thursday: School Edition


Wednesday: 10 miles @ 8:11 pace on trail

Dang its hot outside, haha. I actually didn’t mind the heat though. Granted this run was 4 miles less than Sunday, I felt a million times (OK maybe just ten times) better afterwards. Running outside is definitely helping my running outside… get it? Acclimation is happening my friends.

Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

Boring miles on the treadmill. Body Pump was good because one of my favorite instructors was back from a 2 month long vacay to Italy. Lucky lady! She was pumped and ready to go. Just what I needed.


School is back in session here in Tampa and I thought it would be fun to reminisce about the things we took to school “back in the day.”

How many of you had a Trapper Keeper?

What about book covers? There were the stretchy ones you could buy or you could be super cool and make your own out of the paper grocery store bags.

How about the slingback backpack?!

Or better yet, just wearing one shoulder strap of a regular backpack like the cool kids…

I feel like Lisa Frank stuff was everywhere!

How about smelly markers or gel pens?

Chicken fries! My mom always packed us a lunch, but when chicken fries were on the menu, we made sure to buy lunch. Ohhh processed goodness.

Parachute days.

Do you remember these? I wonder if they still do this in PE, I should ask my mom. I saved the best for last…

Floppy disks! Colorful ones at that 🙂 I’m sure I left a million things out… like pencil erasers, erasable pens, pencil boxes, shoot, even having a TV/VCR in the classroom! Hope I took you back 20 or so years, haha. Happy Thursday!

What did I forget?

What was your favorite childhood school supply?

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  1. Hahahaha omg those gel pens were the COOLEST! Parachute day was my favorite, and I got so giddy when we would run under and pull the sides down. I would make my book covers out of Abercrombie bags..I am so ashamed hahaahha.

    • They still have parachute days! And my mom said I can come help when her school does them. Score! Oh A&F… every time I walk by that place in the mall I wonder how I worked there in high school with that God awful smell!

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