A Much Needed Weekend


Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

I actually didn’t dread this treadmill run. Still felt my glute of course, but I wasn’t bored to death, which is unusual because nothing was on TV. I ended up watching Extreme Cheapskates… interesting show to say the least!

Sunday: 14 miles @ 8:01 pace on trail

I’ll recap my run fully tomorrow, but overall it went fine! The weather is still gross, so no run outside is easy. I didn’t take note of my pace until the end. Not gonna lie, I wish I would have so I could have sped up a bit at the end to make it and even 8:00. I know. I’m bad, haha.


I definitely needed this weekend! Todd didn’t have to work so I got to see a lot more of him 🙂 Saturday started off with a coffee date with my girlfriend Hailey. She is running her second Disney Marathon in 2014 and wants to start incorporating some speed into her training. We met up at a central Starbucks location and chatted for a good 2 and a half hours. Her fiance hung out with us for a bit in the beginning, which was nice because I had never met him… he is running Disney, too, and it will be his first marathon. I love talking about running, but it was nice to catch up with each other’s lives as well. They are newly engaged, so of course, wedding talk ensued 🙂

Once I got home, I ran and had some lunch with the hubs. We relaxed and hung out before I got ready for Girls Night. I didn’t take any pictures this go around, but we had Papa John’s pizza- the works (my fave!) and pepperoni- and Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream with crumbled up homemade cookies and homemade chocolate sauce! The chocolate sauce was SO GOOD. I scraped the pot clean!

Obviously, I woke up this morning to run. I didn’t get to bed until 11PM because of girls night, so I wasn’t quite ready to get up when my 4:30AM alarm went off! I headed out the door right on time and arrived home around 8AM sweaty and tired. Luckily, I had showered when one of the girls from last night brought me a CRONUT! She went to brunch at Datz and thought of me 🙂 Gotta love good friends!

IMAG1073 (1)

OK, so it’s not an official cronut, (you can only get those at Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City) but as I mentioned before in THIS POST, you can get a Fauxnut at Datz. Here I am with my Fauxnut… Imagine me saying Ahhhhh, as in, it’s heavenly and has a halo over it, haha.

IMAG1075I tried a bite as it is and it was just OK. Then I microwaved it for 10 seconds and it was MUCH better. However, as somewhat expected, it was nothing to really write home about. Don’t get me wrong! It was darn good, tasted like an elephant ear you’d get at the fair. But I think for the calories I’d rather have a couple donuts than one dense cronut.

My sister in law and our niece came over for lunch and play time. We went with the usual and oh so deliscious Publix subs. Todd had an Ultimate (ham, turkey and roast beef) and I had the special of the week, a footlong turkey for $4.99. Can’t beat that deal!

IMAG1085Yes. Yes. and Yes. I’m pretty sure Publix makes one of the best subs out there. The people behind the deli I always go to pretty much know me now and always make sure to pick the biggest and best bread for me 🙂 I also get upgraded to Boars Head meat for free sometimes. Holler! After lunch it was play time and Addy wanted to ride the pony…

IMAG1083Riley had to be apart of the action too of course. She also wanted to bounce on the trampoline…

IMAG1078These two wore each other out! They BOTH needed a nap after play time. Watching Todd play with Addy makes me know, 100%, without a doubt, that he will make a GREAT dad one day <3

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  1. I swooned so hard at Todd playing with Addy!! Cannot wait for you two to become parents!! SQUUEEE!! Awesome eats AND runs this weekend..PERFECT weekend in my book!

  2. Addy is getting so big!!!! I remember her being an adorable little newbie at y’all’s wedding!!
    I’ve never had a cronut- am I missing out?! 😉 I had to sit out my long run this past Saturday for the first time in 8 weeks! Willow picked up a little bug from A birthday party and we all got it 🙁 waaaahhh! Hoping I bounce back!

    Oh, and updates on baby making?!

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