A Cool Front Came Through


Monday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

Everything felt the same. I wish I had more fun, positive updates on my glute, but nope.

Tuesday: 8 miles @ 8:24 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

I had to move some of my runs around this week and I REALLY didn’t want to miss pilates or have to rush in the morning, so I got my 8 miles in on the treadmill. It wasn’t too bad. We did some new moves in pilates today and I’m hoping my abs are sore tomorrow 🙂


Let’s back track to my long run… Sunday morning I woke up to this: (Except it was actually 4:41AM… we never change the time on this thing when the time comes around.)

IMAG1071I think a cold cool front came through over the weekend. I usually wake up to 78/79 degrees instead of this brisk 75.9, haha. So dare I say it was cool out Sunday morning?! But Heather, there was 93% humidity, you say. Well yes, it was certainly moist out, but I’ll take anything I can get with this summer weather. I’m jealous of all you lovely people enjoying crisp, soon-to-be-fall air!

Thanks to our girls night Saturday night, I was carb and sodium loaded from pizza. It definitely helped fuel my run, that’s for sure! I got water three times and know that helped as well. I saw my sister on the trail and guess what? We were wearing the SAME sports bra. It wasn’t just any bra though, it was neon yellow with silver/grayish polka dots (picture in a future post). We passed each other a few times, so you know the people around us noticed the two girls wearing the obnoxiously bright bra. Love it AND Kristin. She looked smokin out there! Such a proud sister I am 🙂

Funny story… I knew that Hailey and her fiance, Cordes, would be out on the trail doing a 5k race trial. I thought I saw Cordes running and kept looking back, checking to see if it was him. Eventually I waved and headed in another direction. Welllll, as I was coming back I saw him again up ahead and was excited to say hey… except it wasn’t him! This guy was all excited, probably thinking I was checking him out earlier, haha. Opps!

Does anyone else’s bathroom look like this after a run? Wet, dripping clothes everywhere, haha.


All in all, my run went pretty good. I felt my glute almost the entire time, but it never hurt. It was certainly sore after. I iced it and took ibuprofen. I don’t like to make taking meds a regular thing, but after a long run, I think it will help. The rest of me isn’t sore at all. My legs feel good and fresh, which is great because my mileage has increased A LOT the past 2 weeks. I was at 38 miles a week ago and 52 miles last week. I’m hoping to get closer to 60 this week. We shall see.

Sunday night I accompanied Ashley to her husbands Championship hockey game. His team is the Hornets and their jerseys are green and white, so I sported my green and white PRO Compression socks with the lucky clover on them for good luck!


IMAG1087It was a great game and literally came down to the last second. Two of their players were in the penalty box, so they were out numbered for last 2 minutes. They were able to hold off the other team and WON!!! Champions! It was a great way to end the weekend 🙂

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Have you ever mistaken someone for someone else during a run?

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  1. I would legit die in your weather hahaha. I need cool crisp air for ideal runs!! We have such opposite weather! WHOO for your treadmill 8miler, I still have yet to go over 6 miles on that thing..I just loose focus.

    • Loosing focus is the only way I can make it that far, haha. If my family wasn’t here (and Todd’s job) we’d move a bit north in a heart beat!

  2. Cracking up about you “checking that guy out” or so he thought. Similar thing happened to me in the mall with one of my friends from school’s husband except I don’t think he was flattered my be looking at him again and again…I think he was weirded out lol

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