Five Things Fridayyyyy


 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Abs

My glute was a little tight when I woke up this morning. I kept the pace slow and it definitely helped loosen it up a bit. I did one of my go-to ab work outs at home.


1) Remember THIS baby shower I went to for my cousin? Wellllll, she is in labor as I type this! I can’t wait to meet baby Jackson and hang out with his proud parents! My sister’s boyfriend’s mom made him this quilt…


She is so talented! Can’t wait for her to make one for me and future baby W 🙂

2) Speaking of babies… I had to take my little one (Riley) to the vet yesterday. It was just her annual check up, so nothing serious. They had to draw blood for the heart worm test and you would have thought they were cutting her leg off. She was crying and whining so loud! I don’t know how mom’s with human children do it, haha. Thankfully, they had a Sports Illustrated issue with an article about Mary Cain that kept my mind a bit distracted. They had this chart in there and it blows my mind that Riley is 40 human years old!

IMAG11013) The other day, I was at the gas station filling up my ride, when I noticed a fun promotion… Fill up with 8 gallons and get a free Big Gulp! Umm, sure! I’m not a huge soda drinker, but Todd is, and since he has been working the second shift and going into work around noon, I figured this was the perfect mid-day-on-your-way to work, pick me up!


Sadly, he had to end his ‘pancakes for breakfast’ streak today because he had to go in early. He went 14 straight days having pancakes. Lucky guy! Don’t worry though, he’ll get pancakes tomorrow 🙂

4) I guess I should share with you guys the Ab video I’ve been doing lately…

It’s a good mix up from my other favorite, 8 Minute Abs.

5) I can’t believe pumpkin flavored stuff is already in stores! My Facebook page blew up with people posting about the first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) of the season yesterday. Holey cow! My friend Melissa was saying that while it was obviously delicious, it just wasn’t the same not sipped out of a holiday cup, without decorations and in 90 degree heat. And Ashley sent me a pic of these…


Now THAT is some good pre-run fuel, haha 🙂

Are you excited for all the Pumpkin stuff?

Are you a baby when you take your kids (human or animal) to the doctor?

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  1. My FB has been blowing up as well with pumpkin flavored product but it is still hot here so I don’t know how they are enjoying it!
    I had no idea they had pumpkin spiced M&M’s…I will have to go hunt some down!

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