Girls Night Take 2


4 miles @ 8:15 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

I wanted today to be more like a rest day, so I kept it at 4 miles. I know my usual recovery run is only 2 more miles, but those 2 miles make it seem like such a longer run, haha.  I was surprised my 9:30am BP class was so packed. My fave instructor Jill, was subbing for another lady and that made me happy. She knows about my glute and doesn’t mind that I do abs during the squat and lunge tracks. Plus, she always pushes me to go harder for the upper body and I love it!


Thursday night, we had a Girls Night Re-Do. While we had a blast last Saturday night, it wasn’t a TRUE girls night… Laura had to bring her two little ones (2.5 years and 3 months). While we obviously love the kiddos, an adult only night is needed every once in a while. Since three of us had Friday off of work and one can’t partake in adult beverages at the time, we figured Thursday was the perfect fit!

On the menu was a Chipotle-like burrito bowl line up…


We had pulled chicken, black beans, lime-cilantro-rice, corn salad, tomatoes, red onion, jalapenos, red/orange/yellow peppers, avocado, sour cream cheese and salsa. Jenn and I went back for seconds 🙂 My dessert was a hit! I was SO glad they enjoyed my No Bake Chocolate Eclair. As you might remember, it didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. I went home with an empty 9 X 13, so I’d say it was a success!

After dinner, we were talking about the whole Miley Cyrus MTV thing and half of us hadn’t seen it so to Google we went. After watching the disaster we were still left wondering what in the world twerking really was!? So we Googled that, too, haha. Then we looked up an instructional video and all tried to learn. It was quite entertaining.

The next logical thing to do after learning how to twerk would be learning how to Dougie.

Then we watched a bazillion Harlem Shake videos before making our own! I haven’t asked everyone if I can post it, so I’m not going to, but it was pretty funny. Ahh, good times.

My cousin had her baby last night! My sister and I visited them this afternoon, but things were busy so we didn’t snap a picture. He was healthy and everything during labor went smoothly. What a precious little boy 🙂

I also have to give a shout out to my girls Melissa and Jillian, who both set mileage PR’s today… 6 miles and 9 miles, respectively. I think I vicariously live through others when it comes to running sometimes. Don’t think I’ll be hitting any mileage PR’s any time soon. Awesome job ladies!

Do you know how to Twerk/Dougie/Harlem Shake?

Have you hit a mileage PR lately?

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  1. AHH I want to see your video!! HAHAHA I can only imagine! I do not know how to twerk and I would look like an idiot if I tried, which would be very entertaining. I love you even more knowing that you learned how to dougie

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