Test Test


Monday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Weights at home

Everything felt OK after my LR Sunday. Yay!

Tuesday:  2m + (4 x 800 @ 6:30 pace w/ .25m rest) + 1m= 6m total on Treadmill/ Pilates

Pilates was OK. More packed than normal and not as hard of an ab workout as usual. Running recap below.


I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Ours was VERY low key. We hung out, ran, played with Ry girl, had a DLites date and made huge burritos for dinner 🙂


I get the extra large tortillas so we can make them like a Chipotle/Moes burrito! Inside that sucker was rice, chicken, black beans, corn, salsa, and cheese. Yummo!

I WAS going to go to Body Pump Monday evening, and even changed around our burrito dinner plans, only to remember at about 3:30 that they weren’t having the class because of Labor Day. Bummer. I can’t believe I was such a ditz. What’s even worse is that I gave Todd a hard time about getting things done before our modified dinner plans. Sorry Love! We both ended up lifting weights at the house and he laughed at me doing my You Tube ab video on the living room floor. Glad I could provide some entertainment, haha.

Test, test (as in, is this mic on?) Mrs Glute… are you ready for some speed? Today I decided I needed to put my glute to the test, because this lady has the need for speed!

OK, so that movie is about cars, but you get the point! After a nice 2 mile warm up, I was easily able to hit the 6:30 pace. My legs LOVED the increased turnover. I usually run 800s around a 6:15 pace, but I didn’t set out to prove anything or actually gain any speed, just to test my glute and if it could handle a lengthened stride. Usual Heather fashion would have been to do 6 to 8 800s but I was smart and kept it at 4. Again, nothing to prove, this was only a test. To know if this was truly a successful test, I’ll have to see how my glute feels tomorrow morning and during my run. Cross your fingers for me!

Tonight I am headed to a high school football game. Ya, you read that right. The BFF’s hubby (the same one who just one his hockey championship) coaches the JV Gaither HS football team, so Ash and I are headed out to show our support! Hope we don’t sweat our butt’s off!


Don’t forget that we don’t change the time on this thing so that’s at 5:36. Oy vey!

What was your last speedwork?

What are the temps like in the evening where you live? 

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  1. ah….is it that time of year already? While it feels like it has been ages since high school, my hubby’s high school, at least, has a very deep-rooted football tradition. Thanksgiving Day typically greets us with their Turkey Day game….literally the longest standing high school football rivalry in the country. We can’t make it to ever game…in fact, we are lucky to get to one, but, there is definitely a great feel and ambiance to going to them, especially all bundled up (soon, at least) this time of year.

  2. That burrito looks EPIC!! I just love you even more after seeing that, I LOVE buying the GIANT tortillas. I ALWAYS, without fail, pack my tortillas so full that I can never close them. The only thing to solve this is the giant tortillas! HAHA!

    • Exactly! If I can’t get it to close I just eat the filling until it does, haha. Then I’ll put them on a flat pancake pan and put a heavy pot/pan on top to seal them and get a nice crispy exterior. Mmm

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