Free Godiva Chocolate Overload!


Wednesday: 8 miles @ 8:16 pace on trail

I made sure to take this run as a recovery run and didn’t pay attention to the pace. My glute was a bit more sore than normal, but that is to be expected after my “speedwork” yesterday


Thought I forgot about Augusts free Godiva Chocolate didn’t you? Nope! I honestly just forgot to post this, haha… better late than never! I waited until the end of August to get my free truffle because I was secretly hoping they’d have their fall flavors out and they DID! Upon walking into the store, the Godiva guy was telling these two women that they are bringing back an old creme brulee truffle they used to have and handed each of us a sample. Nice. I walked up to the counter, saw the pumpkin deliciousness and asked if the two flavors were a part of the free chocolate promo, as sometimes the specialty ones aren’t offered. He said, “not really, but since we just got them in, I’ll make an exception.” Score! I proceed to ask which he likes better. He said the cheesecake one was very good and the chocolate pumpkin one was heavy on the nutmeg. I told him I love nutmeg so it probably wouldn’t bother me. He responded with, “Why don’t I give you both and you can decide which you like better?” Can you guess what my answer was? Ummm, THANK YOU! 

IMAG1107I left that store with 3 free truffles. What what?! I gave Todd the Creme Brulee Truffle. He was very thankful and even let me take a nibble. It was pretty darn good!

IMAG1109I went for the Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle first…

IMAG1110It was VERY good, but not super cheesecakey. It was more pumpkin pie and white chocolate tasting. Still yummy, but didn’t fit the name. That being said, I could have eaten 10, haha.

The pumpkin looking Pumpkin Pie Truffle was the bomb! The guy at the Godiva counter said that there was too much nutmeg in it, but I didn’t find that to be true. It was the perfect chocolate and pumpkin pie combo!


I think this truffle and the Red Velvet one are tied for my most favorite. I am so excited for fall. Eeee!

Have you signed up for the free Godiva Chocolate of the month yet?

Do you like pumpkin and white or regular chocolate the best?


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  1. PUMKIN!!! Ahhh I’m in overload right now. I just bought some pumpkin coffee from target today. I think we need a run ASAP to discuss some delicious pumpkin recipes. I have not signed up for the free Godiva chocolates yet. I better do so ASAP. I’m not a white chocolate fan at all so defiantly regular, better yet, dark chocolate and pumpkin for me!!

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