I’m a Weee Bit Nervous


Saturday: 4 miles @ 8:25 on trail/ Body Pump

Boring ole run. I kept it at 4 miles to give me body extra rest. On a happier note, I made it through a whole bicep track today in BP without missing a rep! There was a short break halfway through and I don’t think I could have made it without that. I’ve been trying to do that for a while so I’m pretty pleased 🙂 Next up… getting through the whole thing withOUT the break.


I wasn’t going to post today, but I just had to share my anxiety about tomorrow’s run. I always feels better after writing or talking something out, so here I go…

I am nervous about my 18 miler tomorrow. It has nothing to do with the actual distance, as I have run 18 miles numerous times, but everything to do with my run yesterday (Friday.) It was SO hard because of me giving blood and I am worried that I am going to be miserable the whole time. I can push through “pain,” heavy breathing, tight muscles, and overall tiredness, but pushing through light headedness is not only hard, it’s DUMB.

I am taking all precautions; eating lots of carbs, drinking tons of water and increasing my typically low sodium intake. Hopefully I’ll sleep well and that will help, too… unlike last week when I only got 3ish hours of sleep. Thankfully, my parents house is only .75 or so miles from part of the trail, so if I am feeling horrible I can always head there. Also, Todd will be running on the trail tomorrow (finally a Sunday he hasn’t had to work!) and I’ll feel better knowing he’s out there. Of course, Kristin and my parents will be hitting the pavement too, so I’ll have my whole family to lean on (possibly literally, haha) if need be.

Side note- There is a part of the trail that goes under a road and yesterday during my run, as I was about to go under the road, Kristin was running on the road. How crazy that we passed each other at this time. What are the odds?! Well, the side note actually has to do with the fact that during the minute I saw her and ran under the road, she was honked at 3 times! Hottie!

OK. Back to me, haha. When you give blood, you can go online and see the results of your wellness check. Here is a look at mine: Cholesterol- 189 (normal is 200 or less), blood pressure 95/59 (normal is 120/80 or less), pulse- 44 (normal is between 60-100). Looks like I’m pretty “well.” Don’t worry about that low pulse… it just means I’m in decent shape 🙂

So I was going to put a positive, uplifting quote, but then I saw this and it made me laugh so I’m sharing it with you instead:

And, for the record, the only thing I drink during a workout is water. Wish me good luck tomorrow! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

No questions today… Just send positive thoughts, please!

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  1. I’m so jazzed you’re running longer distances again!! You are amazing. Sending so many positive vibes your way, you’re either running right now or you are done!! Can’t wait to hear how it went!

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