In and Out, In and Out, In and Out


Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

My legs were a little sore from my tempo workout Wed, but that’s to be expected. Kind of felt good to be sore, haha. BP was good. They are coming out with a new mix soon!

Friday: 10 miles @ 8:22 pace on trail/ Abs

Everything felt pretty good, but of course I still felt my glute. I didn’t look at my watch and I kept the first couple miles easy, around an 8:30 pace. I like to do my easier long runs at whatever pace my legs dictate, not pushing it at all. This usually results in negative splits, as my muscles loosen up throughout the run and my turnover increases. Obviously it’s not that huge of an increase, but it’s an increase none the less. There is a part of the trail that runs parallel to The Big Cat Rescue and I could hear the tigers purring/yawning this morning. It was awesome.


Warning! This is a Riley-centric post.

So I was in Orlando for work Monday and Tuesday and when I got home, this was installed:

IMAG1161A doggy door! Riley is NOTORIOUS for wanting to go outside every 5 minutes and since it is so hot out, she’s normally ready to come in .5 min later. I could let her out and go brush my teeth and before I’m done she’s barking to get back in. Or I’ll let her out, use the restroom and bam… barking before I get the chance to flush. If you don’t let her out, she’ll sit there in front of the sliding glass door and just stare. Sometimes she whines if she sees a lizard. This doggy door is JUST what we needed. It’s an addition to the sliding glass door, so we didn’t have to cut or damage our existing doors in any way.


At first she was TOO excited about it and would hit her back on the top part because she would jump out. I don’t think she realized at first that she had free reign of coming in and out and would stand at the door, waiting for us to open it, haha.Β She got the hang of it pretty quickly.


Annnnnnnd she LOVES it! It’s almost slightly annoying though, because she’ll literally come in, walk around our kitchen table and walk right back out. Really?! And then sometimes she just stands there, half in, half out…


I was worried about it at first because I’m that person that always thinks someone is trying to break into our house, haha, and with Todd going to Taiwan soon, I was a little skeptical… but there is a piece that goes in front of the flap that locks, so my worries are at ease. I am so happy for Ry girl and her new found freedom πŸ™‚


Do you have a doggy/kitty door?

What’s on tap for you this weekend?

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