Things I’ve Been Loving Lately


Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:28 on treadmill/ Body Pump

Friday: 10 miles @ 8:30 pace on trail

Ugh. My legs were tired today. Because of my glute, I haven’t been doing the lunge portion of Body Pump, but I have been doing the squats (with body weight only) to take an active recovery approach. I think that its making my legs too sore right now, since I have started speed work again.  The temp this morning was lower than normal (74) but the humidity was still high as ever. This was a slower run for me, as I usually run my outside runs faster than my treadmill runs, but I’m OK with that, considering the weather and high mileage this week… 60 miles so far. My “week” ends tomorrow.


When I first started HRF (Heather Runs Fast) I did a post on my obsessions, which you can read HERE. I think it’s about time I update you on the things I’m loving lately…

I know I’ve mentioned the A&E show Duck Dynasty a few times, but if I’m going to be honest with you guys, I absolutely love this show. I don’t really follow “reality” shows, but this one is a must. Please do me a favor and at least watch one episode, because then you will understand my obsession 🙂


I know this is going to sound lame, so bare with me… but I am lovin the results of taking prenatal vitamins.


OK, so that picture was because Riley looks too cute… here’s a better close up…


For me, these are long! My fingernails have always been on the short and brittle side, but ever since I started taking the prenatals (no, I’m not preggers yet, just planning ahead) I’ve noticed that my nails grow faster and are stronger. Score.

On the running front, I’m digging these two Nike sports bras…


As you might guess, I go through sports bras like no ones business! I HATE how expensive they are though. A good one can run you anywhere from $30 on up! So when my sister text me that she found these at Macy’s for $10 I told her to buy them ASAP! I love the neon colors and the fit is great as well. The REAL test is how they hold up on a long run and whether or not I chafe or if they get really loose from being soaked with sweat… test passed!

Remember when I met up with Amanda to give her Sweat Pink laces? Well, she has a bright white smile (and drinks as much coffee and I do!) and I asked if she whitens her teeth. She said, “Nope! I use Arm & Hammer toothpaste.”


Of course I went out and bought some. I whiten my teeth every 8ish months, but something to keep the stains away in between is perfect. I usually use Crest and I like it, but her teeth are WHITE so it must work! Only time will tell! She warned me that it isn’t a strong minty taste like your used to, and she was right. BUT I like the mild “coolness” from this toothpaste. I find it quite refreshing!

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin! I LOVE that I found a super huge can! It’s Heather-sized 🙂


In my obsessions post, La Croix waters were on my list and they still are, but since they are on the expensive side, I only get them when they are on sale. I have found my new go to sparkling water…


I love that these are in a bottle instead of a can because if you don’t want it all at once or want to take it with you somewhere it’s no big deal! The carbonation is also perfect and stayed consistent when taking the top on and off. The La Croix ones are a bit too carbonated for me and I usually have to let it sit for a few minutes after popping the top. These Zephyrhills ones come in Mandarin Orange, Raspberry Lime and Lemon. <- My order of preference.

A pumice stone. This is a runner’s must have. When I get pedicures, which is not very often, I always make sure the techs don’t scrape or rub any part of my feet. I’ve worked hard building those rough spots and NEED them so I don’t blister. I like to take care of any unnecessary roughness on my own with a pumice stone. I think I have “pretty feet” for a runner, haha. Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a picture of my feet.

I hope you have enjoyed and/or are inspired by some of my favorite things!

What are some of your favorite things lately?

Have you had any awesome workouts lately?