10 miles + 10 miles= An Annoying Run


Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill

Sunday: 20 miles @ 8:09 pace on trail

Recap below.


Let me just start off with this…


No, I did not get up at 2:07, the time on this thing is wrong. BUT as you can see from the text time this was taken around 5AM. And YES, my sister and I call each other Shalane and Kara, haha. The moment I walked out the door I felt like I was in a sauna. I was going to do a 12 mile pace run today, but after seeing possible temps in the low 70’s for next weekend, I decided to switch my runs and do my “easy” 20 miler today. Thank goodness I did, because this run was ROUGH!

About 2 miles into my sauna run I felt a cold breeze. In FL, this can only mean one thing- Rain. It started sprinkling. OK, I can deal with this. Theeeeen it started to pour. I literally saw the sheet of rain before it hit. Now I was REALLY glad I switched my runs. The rain would not stop and I was so annoyed. It was dark and hard to avoid running through puddles, which I guess didn’t matter too much since I was already soaked, but still. I debated going by my parents to steal some dry clothes, but calculated that by the time I got there I’d only have 6ish miles left and I probably wouldn’t want to head back out and start running.

But Heather, didn’t the rain bring cooler, cloudy weather? Ummmm, no. I couldn’t catch a freakin break! Once the rain was over, the blazing sun came out. Fun. 10 miles in the rain. 10 in the sun. My initial goal was to keep the pace around an 8 min mile. At 10 miles I was at 8:10 and told myself to keep it there. I was doing OK until mile 18 when I hit the wall HARD. I wanted to stop there SO BAD! 18 miles was right where I finish, I had to run a mile out and back to finish 20. I thought my pace was going to drop to 8:15, haha, but I KNEW I’d be pissed if I made it that far only to give up and slow down.


Well friends, I made it! I only got water three times, but that’s because I took a different route and didn’t have access to water until mile 11. I didn’t take a gel (but really wanted one) because this was a semi-carb depletion run. I ate my normal pre-run breakfast and extra carbs on Saturday, but not having fuel during a run teaches your body to use the carbs you have stored and then fat once that glycogen is gone. It definitely makes for a hard run.

Come to find out, my amazing husband was worried about me and drove around to find me, but since I ran a different route, he never found me. That’s OK though, because I wouldn’t have gone home with him anyway, haha. At this stage of my training, if I give up during a run, it’s too easy to do so in the race, too. So much about running a marathon is mental, and every bit I do to keep that strong is JUST as important as any run I do.

Do you quit easily during a run?

Have you ever run in the rain?Β 

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  1. So proud of you and envy your stamina and endurance and your drive to be successful even through the hardest of times and I’m so happy I get to call you a BFF!! Keep it up Lobe – you’re amazing!!

  2. I love running in the rain, but not hot rain…ewwwww. I also hate giving up on a run, I almost always push through! Given I don’t run 20 milers..buttttt still! Awesome job!

  3. I’m one stubborn son of a gun when it comes to finishing the run I set out to do but I’ve been learning how to listen to my body more if it is a real REASON not an EXCUSE for me wanting to stop.
    As for the rain- LOVE running in the rain as long as I can see in it. When its a downpour and I’m about to lose a contact because of it we are no longer as good of friends.

    • Same here in the “reason vs excuse” running. I have to legitimately feel like something is wrong/hurt/too sore etc, and not just be frustrated. It’s certainly a fine line sometimes!
      The rain got pretty hard at times, but thankfully I don’t wear contacts and I was wearing my visor- a saving grace for eyes in the rain!

  4. I try really hard to push myself to end of my runs… always. usually works unless its really hot/humid or I feel like I might die… even then its debatable. I have never run in the pouring rain and you should be proud you stuck with it.. thats awesome!

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