I Spanked That Run!


Wednesday: 2E + (3 x 3m @ 6:50 pace w/ .5m recovery) + 2E on treadmill

Recap below.

Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:28 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

My glute was a tiny bit sore, but once I got going, I was good to go. BP was pumpalicious. I didn’t do the squats or lunges, though… gotta preserve my legs 🙂


OK. I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but I am so stoked about my treadmill speed workouts. I have been nailing them and am so excited. I know they will be much harder outside, but just the fact that my speed is pretty close to what is was before my glute AND my knee, has me doing cartwheels… OK, I’m not really doing cartwheels (although I can! just not with my glute right now, haha), but you get the point.


My plan only called for  2 x 3m @ tempo, followed by another 2 tempo, but I knew I could handle one more for a nice rounded 3 x 3m 🙂 It was tough, but could have been harder. I’ll have to start bumping down the pace a bit so it’s slightly more uncomfortable. Even doing this run inside, I went through three hand towels. I was so freakin sweaty. I went for my new go-to immediate post run snack of frozen fruit dipped in protein powder. This time it was strawberries and banana chunks.

After cooling down, stretching, and eating, I took Ry for a quick walk. It has been raining cats and dogs here lately and she has been going stir crazy! I called Todd at work during the walk to tell him about my run- I love to talk about running! After listening to me ramble, he said, and I quote, “Baby, you spanked that run!” Such an interesting way to describe my run, but heck yes I did, haha.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, Todd will be heading to Taiwan for work soon, and my parents wanted to see him before he left. I love that my parents love Todd so much. My mom asked what he would like for dinner and surprise surprise, he answered fajitas, so my mom set up a fajita “bar” with chicken, peppers/onions, cilantro, pico de gallo, sour cream and black bean salad.


They were super yummy! Riley was confused as to where my parent’s doggie door was! haha Now that she can come and go as she pleases (see HERE) she thinks it’ll be like that everywhere I guess.


And the best part of dinner waaaaaas dessert 🙂

IMAG1235My mom’s bomb dot com chocolate cake. This time, with chocolate peanut butter frosting, per Todd’s request. I love the frosting to cake ratio…

IMAG1238There is NOTHING healthy about this cake, other than how happy it will make you when you eat it. And we all know that being happy is a part of being healthy. Right?! Right. Mmmm. I want another piece… good thing I stole 2 more pieces when I picked my sister for Body Pump this morning 🙂

Are you a super sweaty runner?

I think I’ve asked this before, but cake or frosting?

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  1. Hi Heather, I’m impressed that you could go to a class and leave out the squats and lunges. When I go to a group class I feel a lot of internal pressure to do everything the instructor demos, though I do try to leave out the things that I know will be bad for me. Squats and lunges are definitely in that category. My knees get all they can take from figure skating, they need a break when I cross train.

    • Ya, it was awkward at first doing something different than the rest of the class, but I just tell the instructor I can’t do it and do abs instead 🙂 Works out well. That’s so cool you figure skate! I can hold my own on ice skates, but can’t do anything fun besides skate backwards, haha!

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