Pumping Me Up!


Friday: 10 miles @ 8:20 pace on trail

My legs were a bit sore- darn DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)- but like always, as I got moving they felt better. I was hoping for a bit faster run, closer to 8 min/mile, but wanted by body to run what it needed for recovery, so I’m fine with the 8:20.

Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

Easy recovery run. Everything felt good.


Well my friends, I’ve got a pretty hard run lined up for Sunday morning and sometimes a girl just needs some extra motivation! Sure, I’ve been nailing my treadmill workouts lately- woo hoo! but doing speed work on the treadmill is SO much easier than doing it outside. I like to think of treadmill speed as “set it and forget it.” You’re body/mind might want to slow down, but unless you physically push the button to slow your pace, you’re legs HAVE to turn over. Outside… psh, sometimes it’s hard to even get your legs to a certain speed, let alone keep them there.

We all know the weather around here (FL) has been rough, but it has taken a turn for the better the last few days, getting in the low 70’s with only 85% humidity. With summer mostly behind us, adjusting our paces to match the hot temps is nothing new, but with this new “cool-ness” I wasn’t sure how much I should adjust my pace. Let me back up a bit and tell you what my run is, haha… 2 mile warm up, 12 mile marathon pace, 2 mile cool down.

I am nervous about this run- as usual- and wasn’t completely sure what to adjust my pace to. I reached out to fellow blogger and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Nichole at Nichole’s Running Journey for help. I told her my goal marathon pace is 7:10- a 3:10 time, (my ultimate goal is a 7:03 pace- a 3:05 time, but think it’s a long shot), gave her a bit of my background and asked what her fast self would do 🙂

She not only gave me advice on my pace, but really motivated me for this run and my future in running. She wrote, and I quote:

“Don’t stop believing in a 3:05. What was the last epic T workout you did? Oh YEAH, 9 miles of sub 7!! Of all people, you know that I’m a huge fan of believing in something that should seem impossible :). For me, my tempo pace workouts are a great predictor coming into any marathon (and defining my MP). So – your 6:50 for 9 miles (a LONG tempo workout!) is super promising!”

This really pumped me up! Coming from a girl who qualified for the Olympic Trials and has a PR of 2:44:13, it means a lot. I mean, she used the term epic, haha. Love it! I am ready for this run.

As a side note… A few weeks ago I was a featured runner on Runaway Bridal Planner’s blog. You can read a bit about my “running journey”, if you will, in her spotlight of me HERE 🙂 I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the beginning of fall!!!

Do you ever need extra reassurance about our goals?

Do you reach out to other bloggers for advice?

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