BOOM!, Fried Chicken and Queen-o


Sunday: 2 warm up + 12 @ 7:19 + 2 cool down

Recap below.

Monday: 4 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump


As I wrote in Saturday’s post, I was nervous about this run. Tempos and marathon pace runs are my favorite workouts. I’ve done a million of them (OK maybe not a million) but I still get anxious before every one, haha. Going into the run I decided on an 7:25 pace, the higher end of Nichole’s recommendation. I wanted to be conservative as, while the weather was cooler (73 degrees and 85% humidity) it’s no where near ideal conditions. For my first marathon pace of this cycle, I wanted to MAKE SURE I could complete it.

I warmed up at an 8:15 pace for 2 miles- stopping to pee behind a bush after 1.5 miles, haha. A few miles into the MP part I felt pretty good and was at 7:19. About half way through I was at 7:22 and after struggling with a gel at mile 8, I was at 7:23. At 10 miles I knew it was all or nothing and tried to pick up the pace, knowing I could drop it at least a second. I figured, if I totally busted I would still end up with my 7:25 pace and call it lesson learned for going out too fast. BUT if I push myself out of my uncomfortable- comfort zone (how I like to describe the marathon pace run) I could reach a 7:20 pace and impress Nichole. I know it sounds silly, but hey, whatever works right?!

BOOM! I knocked it outta the park with an overall pace of 7:19. When I saw Todd at the end, he could tell I had a good run by the ear to ear smile on my face. Of course, he asked if I spanked my run, haha… you don’t know how many people have made that reference this past week! Love it! I took this gel…


I was excited to try the Pineapple flavor, but immediately remembered why I don’t like the GU brand… they.are.thick! I love the flavors, they’re awesome, but I literally have to suck it down in three different swallows. The Power Gel ones are so liquidy they go down much easier. I’ll save my other GU gels for easier runs. The mint chocolate one rocks!

OK. I have to start off by saying, “Please don’t judge me. I love fried chicken.”

IMAG1250We RARELY eat fried foods, but after Sunday’s run, it was calling my name! So.Good! Todd made fun of me when I didn’t even want to wipe my hands off for water…

IMAG1252He went with a ham sub, so the jokes on him… fried chicken is so much better! Of course we got both lunches at Publix. There is something about the coating on that chicken, it’s like crack! Look at the ingredients though…


The breading’s list of ingredients starts with wheat flour. Guess that makes them healthy, right 😉 While we ate lunch, we watched the Tampa Bay Bucs suck it up AGAIN. The only highlight to the game was this commercial…

Hilarious right?! Queen-o. Silly guy. He must have an expired batch, because the quinoa I eat never tastes like a dirty old tree branch, haha.

How was your weekend run?

When’s the last time you had something fried?

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  1. AHH I HATE GU gels…!! I had ONE at my first half marathon, and I thought I was going to was awful. Never again. Shot Bloks all the way for me! Awesome job on that run, and NEVER apologize for your love of fried chicken hahaha. That’s me with my sweets!

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