I’ve Started a New Habit


Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill


Oct 9 spd wrkRecap Below.


I keep hitting my paces and I’m loving it! I wasn’t as nervous about this run as I normally am. I knew it would be tough, but nothing I couldn’t handle. To be honest, the worst part was the last 6 miles. These miles are meant to test your legs when they are already glycogen depleted. I probably could have and should have done all 8 reps at 6:44, but I wanted to make sure I could complete the workout, so I started out conservatively. I nailed it. This shirt sums it up!


It’s OK to be FAST!

Don’t make fun of me… I watched Magic Mike during this run. I had no desire to see it in theaters, but let me tell you, this was a good choice of movies to watch during a run. Talk about motivation! If you’ve never done speed work on a treadmill, then let me tell you that sometimes it really hard to hear what they are saying- no matter how high you turn the volume- so this was the perfect movie. There isn’t much of a plot (go figure) but there is a lot to see šŸ˜‰

Back to the run, haha… I felt strong the entire run and only felt my glute a bit, but it didn’t hurt. I had a quick bowl of oatmeal and protein shake with a side of coffee before jumping in the shower and heading off to an appointment. On the way home I picked this up…


My new habit… I’ve now had this much sushi once a week for the past month. No one I knew could meet up for lunch, so I just got it to go. A bagel roll, tuna cucumber roll, spicy tuna roll, soup and ginger salad, all for $14.39 including tax. Pretty good deal! My belly was full. And then this happened…

IMAG1276Reese’s cups in peanut butter cookie dough. SO FREAKIN GOOD. They are pretty much like crack. Kristin’s boyfriend’s (Rich) mom made these and Rich was kind enough to bring me over a few. You can find the recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website HERE. His mom makes so many yummy treats and I finally got to try some šŸ™‚ I don’t know how Kristin and I aren’t 200 lbs between my mom and Rich’s mom’s awesome baking. It’s a good thing we run!

What’s the longest run you’ve done on a treadmill?

What’s your latest baking creation?

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    • It’s worth seeing just for funsies. Channing Tatum is actually from Tampa and the movie is loosely based on his life so a lot of it was taped here. Thanks on the Beast compliment šŸ™‚

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