Ahhh the Changes Fall (DOESN’T) Bring


Saturday:  6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

Had a nice and easy run, followed by some yard work and a Riley walk. Not a bad little Saturday.

Sunday: 2 easy + 12 @ marathon pace + 2 easy on trail

Recap Below.


Can a girl catch a freaking break?! This was early this morning… not 3:30am (the time is never right) but significantly before 6am…


Really? It’s the end of October and as the weather man said, “we are experiencing August, summer-like temperatures.” Lovely. I thought the birthday/running God’s would shine down and give me a break…. but no. We are supposedly having a cold front come through next weekend with temps in the 60’s, but I won’t believe it until it happens!

When I ran this exact workout 3 weeks ago and the temp was 73 with 85% humidity, I adjusted my 7:08 marathon pace to 7:25 and ended up running a 7:19. This go around, I was hoping to have a goal of 7:15 assuming the temp was around the same, but when I woke up to the weather mentioned above, I knew I had to adjust my pace. I still set an ambitious goal of 7:20… go big or go home right?!

With the quickly approaching time change (Nov 3) the sun has been rising later and later. Therefore, I had to run on the roads a lot longer than I normal do before feeling comfortable enough to hit the trail. It’s REALLY dark on the trail and I don’t like to run on it alone in the dark… obviously. So by the time it was light enough, I was already at 6 miles of my 12 mile marathon pace run. Ideally, I would have gotten water between miles 4-6, but because I wasn’t able to get on the trail until 6 miles into it (8 miles total considering my warm up) I didn’t get my first sip of water until mile 8 of the pace part when I took my gel. I really could have used the water earlier! Oh well. I’m still alive, haha.

I started out a bit too fast- no shocker there- but managed to bring it back to a 7:20 pace and hold it there. After my gel (Tangerine PowerBar Power Gel) I felt MUCH better and was able to knock the pace down and finish strong…

IMAG1308Can you see that? 12 miles at a 7:17 pace. BAM! Like A Boss. I was so stoked that I was able to not only beat my goal pace, but beat my last marathon pace run in hotter, more humid conditions. OK. I’ll get off my soapbox, haha… Are you asking yourself why I have a Burger King cup in my shoe? Wellllll, I overestimated my mileage and ended up finishing a little over a quarter mile from my house and I COULD have just run home. But I didn’t want to. I was tired and thirsty. I mean, I only got water once. So I walked into the Burger King on the corner and asked the lady if I could please have a cup of water. Mind you, I was DRIPPING in sweat and red faced. She said, sure honey! And so I walked home while doing dynamic stretches and drinking my BK water. I walked in to see this…


Riley. Awake and ready for her walk. I told her that mommy needed to stretch and have some coffee and breakfast before any more walking occurred. To tide her over we played with her box a bit…

IMAG1317She likes to play tug of war with it and rip it into pieces. I throw it like a saucer for her to chase after or catch in her mouth and I accidentally got a piece stuck up on the mantel… OPPS!

IMAG1315We had a pretty fun morning lounging around. After our walk, I showered and headed over to my sister’s for my Birthday lunch (seperate post on that to come!) This was my BDay weekend and Kristin knows how to treat this girl! I’m so lucky to have such good cooks in the fam 🙂

This weekend I took advantage of a birthday freebie and got a free Firehouse sub. I went with a classic chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion and green peppers, steamed on a wheat bun.

IMAG1304It was pretty good. The chicken had really good flavor. I’m glad I ate it there though, because if I brought it home, I KNOW the bun would have been really soggy and gross. I think it was good because it was free, haha. Now I just need to go and get my other freebies: Krispy Kreme donut, Boston’s flatbread, BJ’s pizookie, and Einstien bagel. Man I love free things!

Is it Fall-like where you live?

Do you take advantage of freebies on your birthday?

PS Brittany- I saw change on the road when I was running and SO wanted to pick it up, but didn’t want to slow my pace so I left it. Made me sad, but I had to confess.

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  1. Wow, your pacing amazes me…I will keep following. It’s funny you mentioned the money….I was running the other day and saw a whole spread of quarters…yes, quarters! I didn’t want to “stop”, so I left them…..funny mind set we get into, huh?
    Thanks for your humor!
    Yes, it is Fall where I live. Actually, will be more like Winter here soon. Montana!

    • I would’ve gone back for the quarters after my run if it was that many, haha. Almost winter? Man, the seasons change so quickly in other places!

  2. Awe, happy birthday! You made out like a bandit… I need to start hitting freebie’s… who knew?
    Nice pace… rockstar!!!
    We have had amazing fall weather here in western NY… I am loving it right now!

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