My Birthday Lunch Compliments of Kristin


Monday: 4 miles @ 8:22 pace on treadmill/ Abs

Easy recovery run. Everything felt good. No soreness here!


Happy Birthday to me! I had a nice, low key birthday weekend. I am a few years shy of 30 years old now and Todd asked me how it felt to be old… I told him, “I dunno, I’m not 30 yet!” (He’s just over 30) Bazinga! After my run yesterday I headed over to my sister’s for a homemade birthday lunch. Upon arrival, I was pretty darn hungry. I’m always a bottomless pit on long run days and seem to get hungry sooner than normal. Kristin knows me too well and had these little gems waiting for me…

IMAG1319While I was munching, Kris was making the bechamel for my Mac N Cheese!

IMAG1321See that whisk? It was a gift Todd and I brought back from Murano, Italy, just off the coast of Venice. Murano is known for their handmade/blown glass and that’s what the handle is made of! Glad to see it is being put to good use! Before I knew it, my sushi appetizer was gone and my mac n cheese was in the oven. Kristin and I talked sisterly stuff and watched the Cooking Channel. Sunday TV sucks, haha. Of course LOTS of running talk went on 🙂 Then… DING! My mac n cheese was ready…


While we certainly like to indulge, we also know it’s important to keep each meal balanced so we accompanied our cheesy, whole wheat pasta with yummy sauteed zucchini. Don’t worry… I had another helping… I know you were worried about my carb consumption after that tough pace run 😉

When Kristin asked what I wanted for dessert, I really didn’t know. I like everything sweet. Brownies, cake, fudge, frosting, cookies, the list goes on and on.


Kristin whipped up a half batch of her peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for a freshly baked treat. Of course we snacked on the dough before finally baking a few. Looks yummy right? But wait… you can’t even see the best part…

IMAG1327There was at least an inch and a half of homemade frosting. Plus the left overs from the mixing bowl 🙂  And to top off an already amazing day, I walked back into the living room after letting the dogs out to see this…

IMAG1328A Birthday card addressed to me, along with some homemade cookie dough almond butter. This stuff is seriously addicting. Let’s just say between the mac n cheese, cookie frosting sammie and almond butter, I’ve had enough fats for at LEAST the week, haha.

What’s your favorite birthday meal/dessert?

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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  1. Happy birthday!! I love all the birthday freebies that roll in via email. My birthday is Wednesday and I am loving free Noodles and Company, Tropical Smoothie, and HuHot!

  2. Happy Birthday even though late:) Sounds like you had a great day, and a delicious one at that!!!!

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