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Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

Wednesday: 2 easy + (3 miles @ 6:44) + 3 easy + (3 miles @ 6:42) + 3 easy= 14 total on treadmill

Another great tempo run in the books. I should have done both tempos at 6:40/42, but aired on the side of caution so that I could complete the run. I always do that and look back thinking I could have done better. Of course, that only applies on treadmill runs. Outside, I always follow the pace on my plan because it’s hard enough outside as it is. I followed suit from previous weeks and had an abundance of sushi for lunch, but figured you’ve seen enough pics of that.


Here are some of my eats lately, brought to you by cooks other than me, haha. After spoiling Todd so much with his favorite foods, my friends and family have stepped up and spoiled me 🙂 I am one lucky girl! Kristin makes me this quinoa salad probably once a week. I love it! It’s usually red, black or regular quinoa mixed with cucumbers, red peppers, red onions, jalapeno, spinach and some kind of lemon dressing, So simple, yet so good AND filling!


Kristin also made us homemade banh mis. She pickled the carrots and marinated and grilled some chicken.

IMAG1145 I picked up a few sub rolls from Publix and BAM! Delicious, healthy banh mis with tons of flavor!

IMAG1146Melissa brought Pumpkin Bread to my door step! Ya… this was gone in .2 seconds after the picture.

IMAG1149Melissa also hooked me up with some delicious Oatmeal Pumpkin Cookies… she teased me with this picture message…

2013-10-09_07-48-41If you haven’t noticed, I like having nicknames for people in my phone (Kristin in Shalane, Ashley is Lobe). Melissa is Twin, because back in the day we both worked at the YMCA and everyone mixed us up and called us twins… it stuck. Oh, have I mentioned before that Melissa is a deputy? Ya that’s right, I’m friends with the Po-Po. She actually delivered the pumpkin bread to my house right before work and came in uniform in her cop car. I loved it!

Knowing how much I love pumpkin, Laura made me some Pumpkin Spice Granola 🙂 It was scrumptious with almond milk poured over it and on my greek yogurt.

IMAG1300Of course my mom hooked me up with some delicious dinners! Jambalaya and Green Chicken Chili…


IMAG1302How lucky am I to have so many good cooks in my life?!

Who’s the favorite cook in your life?

Who’s your favorite celebrity cook/chef?

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  1. Wow, this all looks amazing! May have to try the quinoa dish!! As for the TM workout – what if you did it at pace or a little faster for the first segment and then just tried to hang on for the second until you couldn’t anymore? Just a mindset change :). PS – Happy belated Bday!

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