Stood Up, Fun Friday and a FeMale Model


Friday: 14 miles @ 8:13 pace on trail

This run was perfect. Due to the cooler weather, I was able to sleep in a bit and started at 8am. This was my first run in temps below 65 and it felt amazing. To top if off, I got to run a little over a mile with my sister ūüôā Awesomeness.

Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:26 on treadmill/ abs video x 2, weights at home

Nice and easy recovery run, followed by some at home gym time.


Ever make “loose” plans with someone to hang out in a week and you get all excited and tell other people, “no I can’t go to the USF game, I’m meeting an out of town friend,” or “sorry I can’t do that 10k because I have plans,” or “oh, I would tag along to the airport to wish you off on your move to Seattle, but I have a friend date,” only to NOT hear from your friend?! Ya. That happened to me today and I’m not too happy about it. It’s one thing if you can’t make it and things got busy. Fine. Life happens. But LET ME KNOW. It’s common courtesy. Is this a lame dig? Maybe, but you know what? My feelings were hurt, I was stood freakin up. Some things never change.

Moving on… I had an appointment Friday to get my hair done and it came out great. I know what your thinking… Todd didn’t have to¬†ridicule you about your grown out roots before you made an appointment?! Nope! I was a big girl and didn’t wait 5 years before getting my hair touched up. I was perfect timing too, because I had a going away party to attend Friday night for one of my really good friends, Laura. She’s moving to Seattle! So far away ūüôĀ Like most of our girls nights, we had lots of food, did lots of dancing and had lots of laughs, oh, and we let the boys attend. Lucky guys. Girls night’s won’t be the same without her…


Soooo remember the cookie dough almond butter Kristin made me for my birthday that I got on Sunday… wellllll here’s what was left of it as of Wednesday night…


Mind you, I was out of town for work Monday and most of Tuesday. So, needless to say, I ate a shit ton of almond butter in a few days. Good fats right?! ūüėČ Look at Riley judging me, haha.

Have you guys heard about the female model who now models as a man? She used to model for companies like Ford and Bacardi. As she got “older,” as in 30 (ha), and wasn’t that “young” 20-something model companies look for, she decided to take matters into her own hands… she chopped her hair off and started a new career as a male model. What’s even crazier is that her real name is Elliot Sailors!


elliott sailors


elliott sailors

Elliot says she’ll have a longer career in the male modeling industry, as they don’t have to look as young as possible. She also mentioned that guys don’t open the door for her anymore and they let the “real girls” off the elevator first. She’s happily married and her husband is supportive of this new career path.

I think it’s awesome! She kind of looks like a taller, thinner Justin Beiber, though. What a unique way to continue your career when you’re considered middle age at 25. I don’t know if I’d be able to chop all my hair off, but go Elliot!

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How do you handle being stood up? (prob more maturely than I just did, haha)

Would be able to chop all of your hair off?

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  1. Wow what a change in career – stinks she has to shift her choice of modeling due to the status quo but she was creative with how to survive in the modeling world!

  2. I’m sorry you got stood up. That’s an awful feeling. Hopefully she had a good reason…I’ve come to the conclusion that Elliot Sailors is a beast. Go her for finding a way to continue her dream when others thought it had to be over.

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  4. Did your “friend” ever apologize?? Common courtesy goes SUCH a long way and I feel like so many people are lacking in that area these days. I would be ticked and have a hard time letting it go.

    I want to chop my hair off to donate it for cancer patients, but it wouldn’t be this short. Kudos to this model for having the guts to go against the norm. I think we need to learn at appreciate beauty at all ages, not just the late teens/early twenties Victoria’s Secret model look!

    • She somewhat apologized… with excuses, lol. It’s a hard friendship to retain, that’s for sure.

      Kudos to YOU for wanting to donate your hair! I think that is such a brave and kind thing to do. I’ve never had short hair and to be honest, it kind of scares me! More power to you though, that’s awesome!

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