Another Awesome Long Run in the Books!


Sunday: 2 easy + (4 x .85m @ 6:50 w/ .15m rest) + 10 easy + (4 x .85m @ 6:50 w/ .15m rest) + 2 easy

Recap Below

Monday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

Finally, a Monday I’m not in Orlando for work and was able to make it to BP. Also has a nice little shake out run.



10 27 LRMy quality runs have been rocking lately! The weather has finally been in my favor and I took full advantage of it. (Sadly, this cold front will be gone by Thursday. Bummer.) I was happy with my first block of tempos, but was a little worried that I did them too fast. I know there isn’t THAT much of a difference between 6:45 and 6:50, but combine that with the 10 middle miles and it could have been a disaster. I was pretty worried about the second block of tempos, because the last time I attempted a run like this I was unable to fully complete it. After holding back a bit on the first two tempos of the second block, I knew I could push it a little harder to finish strong, and that I did. I got water 3 times, taking a gel at mile 7.5 into my 10 middle miles. All I can say is that the weather really does make a difference in a run. Well, that and some hard work 😉

On my run home, there was a biker a man riding a bike, who was going so slow! As I was about to pass him I yelled out, “BEHIND YOU!” twice and I guess he didn’t hear me because it scared the crap out of him and he ran into a railing. I asked him if he was OK and said sorry- although I DID announce I was coming- and he seemed fine. I just can’t help but laugh a bit, because remember, this was on my way home, so about 21 miles into my run… and I was passing him on his bike. Oh man, haha.


Since my parents were out of town on my actual birthday, they made it up to me by taking me to Cristino’s! We got a pepperoni and a prosciutto…

IMAG1339 IMAG1340I had my usual 4 pieces. This was the first time I’d had the pepperoni and it was actually really good! I’m usually not a fan, but this was super fresh and spicy! They always bring out a gelato sampler out all three flavors were delish. My dad couldn’t wait to try the hazelnut chocolate…

IMAG1341We didn’t order any because we had this AMAZING pumpkin fudge waiting for us at home…

IMAG1342Instead of my usual birthday pumpkin cheesecake, I asked for some fudgy fudge fudge and of course, my mom delivered! She used THIS RECIPE from if you’re interested. It was out of this world good! So good, that not only did I have three pieces there, I accidentally ate three more when I got home… Opps. I need to reign my sweet tooth in!

Do you do a shake out run after your hard workouts?

What is your favorite kind of fudge?

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