Halloween Treats of the Past


Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

I was expecting some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after my 22 miler Sunday, but everything is feeling pretty darn good… except for my right shin. It was a little tight on my run yesterday and this morning so I’ve been icing it and it feels a bit better. I’m hoping it holds up OK and doesn’t get worse on my 14 mile speed tomorrow.


This year for Halloween, I’m not doing much. No super fun parties or dressing up in costume. So, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of the fun treats I’ve made in the past. Let’s start off with some scary spiders…

spider cookiesThese were just Oreo cookies with pretzel sticks stuck in the filling, dipped in melted chocolate and topped with chocolate sprinkles and red hots for eyes. Next up are some ghoulish ghosts!

nutterbutter ghostsAnother easy peasy recipe… Nutter Butter cookies, dipped in melted white chocolate with mini chocolate chips for eyes. How about some fun cupcakes…

Halloween cupcakes

The mummies are my favorite, but I love the little grave yards and the pumpkins are pretty cute, too 🙂 Watch your back, though… or Frankenstein might get you!

frankenstein browniesI had a lot of fun coming up with faces for these little guys! They had fun trying to find their way through the pumpkin patch…

rice crispy pumpkinsA rice crispy treat pumpkin patch that is!!! I think these are pretty self explanatory. So there are some of the fun treats I’ve made in past years and I’m sure I’ll make them again in the future. For now, I’ll leave you with this joke I heard on Ellen the other day:

What’s a zombies favorite bean?  A Human Being… Get it?! Bahaha. Love it.

Which treat do you like best?

Have you made any Halloween Treats?

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