Tempos, Carved Pumpkins, and a Championship!


Wednesday: 6 easy + (6 x .85m @ 6:50 w/ .15 recovery) + 2 easy= 14 total on trail

Recap Below.

Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:24 pace on treadmill/ Weights at home


I was 50/50 on weather or not I wanted to run this outside… ya, that’s right, I wrote weather. Last night the meteorologist on the news said that it was going to be “soupy” out Wednesday morning. JUST what a runner wants to hear. I knew I had the option of running this on the treadmill, but really wanted to test my legs since my race is a month away. There is nothing like the confidence you get from completing a workout outside in less than favorable conditions… so, I went with doing it outside and I’m glad I did…

Oct 30On the treadmill, I would have done the first 3 tempos at 6:44 and the last 3 at 6:40, so knowing I could hit these paces in 69 degree, 84% humidity temps is a confidence booster to say the least. Not gonna lie, this was a tough workout. After that hard 22 miler Sunday, my legs certainly weren’t fresh. I could have executed each tempo a bit better as I was all over the place pace wise, ranging from 6:30-6:50 for most of them, backing off and picking up the pace when I looked at my watch.. not good. By the end I was tired, but had a steadier pace, so that’s good. I am happy happy happy I successfully completed this run!

In the spirit of Halloween. I dressed the part for my run and enjoyed my coffee in my favorite Halloween mug with Ry girl by my side šŸ™‚

halloween stretching

Ok, so this is an old pic, BUT it is exactly what I wore and all, seriously… this is my new Halloween outfit tradition, haha. Another fun tradition I love about Halloween is pumpkin carving! Not only do we end up with a super cool pumpkin, we have seeds to roast and eat, which are super good for you! Here are a few of our awesome pumpkins…

grave digger pumpkin

haunted house pumpkin

foot pumpkinLast night was Kristin’s boyfriends championship baseball game and my mom and I wanted to go. I headed over to my parents early and Kristin cooked us a scrumptious dinner of pork chops with a grainy mustard marinade, asparagus and butternut squash…

IMAG1353Yes, I cut my food up like a little kid and I eat my asparagus with my fingers… whataya gonna do about it?! We made it to the game right on time. His mom and dad came, too and we were like his entourage, haha. Looks like we were good luck because they WON!!! It was right out of a movie… they were down 6 to 3, the bases were loaded and he was up to bat. He hit a slugger to right field and brought two people home! This got the team pumped up and they started racking them in! I think the final score was 11-6? It was a late night, but well worth it to hang out with the fam and see Rich play a killer game!

Which pumpkin do you like best?

Do you eat food with your fingers?

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  1. BOOM, awesome run! I love your Halloween tradition outfit, so perfect!! I also love that you are drinking out of a themed mug, those are my favorite. I am such a mug lover! I LOVEEE YOUR PUMPKINs. Gosh I am just full of love today. HA!

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