Fatigue, Post Halloween-ness and Healthy Chocolate?


Friday: 10 miles @ 8:11 pace on trail

Recap Below.

Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ weights at home

I usually go to Body Pump Sat mornings, but I have a 15 mile pace run tomorrow and since my legs are already fatigued, I figured a lighter weight sesh at home would be better.


The weather here is still crappy (although a cold front is coming through today) and Friday’s run was blah. It was 72 degrees and 90 % humidity. UGH, I’m so over the grossness. I’m now a month out from my marathon and have hit my peak of  70 miles a week a few times. That’s a lot of miles on my legs and they were definitely feeling it on this run, as I felt much more lethargic than normal. I know the weather didn’t help, but this was just not my best run. At least it was only a medium long run. I’m hoping by tomorrow my legs will be a bit more refreshed so I can knock out my last pace run before the race.

I ate a boat load of butternut squash after my run… I love setting my oven on delayed timer and coming home to a house smelling of roasted butternut squash. Makes it seem more like fall 🙂 After a day full of errands and work, I headed to my parents for dinner. Kristin made us those most delicious eggplant lasagnas…

IMAG1361Backtracking to Halloween… we had the perfect number of trick-or-treaters. Just enough to finish off almost 2 bags of candy. One lady I work with had over 600 kids (her neighbor had one of those counting tickers to keep track) and spent over $200 in candy. NO THANK YOU. Riley was my little helper and waited by the door all night while I rocked my orange ProCompression socks and handed out the candy…

IMAG1355Usually, we’ll sit outside to hand out candy and dress Riley up- she is our Dogter after all- but this year it was so gross out we opted to stay in. Check out some of Ry girls costumes. A Hot Dog…

hot dogA Witch…

witchAnd a Dinosaur…

dinosaurShe was a Shark one year, but I can’t seem to find a picture of that 🙁 While everyone was eating junk candy (OK, I DID have a few pieces, lol) I was nibbling on chocolates from Attune Foods

IMAG1351Theses are no normal chocolate bars though… they have Probiotics in them! What what?! From their website, “attune delivers 6.1 billion CFUs of clinically supported strains of probiotics in tasty, natural and certified gluten free chocolate bars.” Seriously, just by tasting them, you would never know there were probiotics in them. They were SO GOOD! I love the bit of crunch they have from the brown rice crisps. At only 80-90 calories PER bar, they are the perfect after dinner treat! Who wants yogurt or to take a pill when you could eat chocolate? I mean, come on!

Did you dress your pet up for Halloween? or what were you?

What’s your favorite Halloween Candy?

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  1. I usually like to find a funny, trending news related costume – my favorite was when I was Tiger Woods and my husband was Elin, his ex 😉 I hope this humidity stays AWAY!

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