A Windy Wednesday Workout with a Pumpkin Donut Treat


Wednesday: 2 easy + 3 @ tempo + 2 easy + 3 @ tempo + 2 easy= 12 on trail

My glute still lets me know it’s not 100%, but by no means does it hurt when I run. My knee has actually been creeping up a bit and I’ve been icing it like crazy just as a precaution.


It was SO freakin windy out today. Before I left for the trail, my thermometer said 62 degrees with 60% humidity. FINALLY! We have a cold front here that’s going to last a whopping 2 days. The winds were around 15 MPH with gusts between 20-30 MPH. Can a girl catch a break?! I mean, finally the weather was nice, but now I had to deal with the damn wind. Sigh. Seriously, at the end of my run there is this bridge, and when I reached the top a strong gust came and it nearly knocked me over. No. Joke.

Nov 13

My tempo pace this training cycle is 6:50 and since the temperature was cooler, I was hoping to hit that both times. The first tempo was definitely hard, but doable (6:47 pace). About a mile of it was into the wind. The second was a disaster (6:59 pace). Granted, the first two miles were into the wind, my legs would not turn over! It’s like my hips were tight, which is weird because that has never been an issue for me. I’m sure it’s just a combo of the wind, tired legs from training and being tired, but it still stinks.

I want to be happy with this run, but I’m not. I have YET to complete this workout outside at the correct paces. Sure, I did it HERE, but that was all on the treadmill, and HERE, but that was half done on the treadmill. The worst part is, I have to run this workout one more time on Sunday, only its with a 5 mile warm up and 5 middle miles. And to make matters even worse, the low is 70. Yippie!

Positive thoughts, Heather, positive thoughts!

Since it was so chilly out today, I made some crockpot soup with chicken, onion, celery, chicken stock, garlic and sage leaves. It hit the spot and warmed me from the inside out!


I also got the chance to try a cream cheese filled “donut” from Chatila’s Bakery. They are an online bakery and some of their products are sold at DLites (my fave ice cream place!). From their website: “The Leader in Healthy Baked Goods for over 20 years. Specializing in No Sugar Added, Gluten-Free, Low Sodium, High Fiber.”  All of the products are sold frozen, so I let it defrost and gave it a try for dessert.



Not gonna lie, I didn’t have high hopes, but it was actually really good! The pumpkiny-ness was perfect and the filling was almost cream cheese tasting… kind of like a hybrid butter cream and cream cheese. The filling was also really light. It’s hard to describe. I don’t think I would call this a donut though… it’s more like a muffin. To me, a donut has to be fried, or it’s not a donut, ya know?! For a healthy alternative, I’d definitely give this little guy another shot. The only draw back- it’s $1.50. That’s A LOT in my book. I could have 2 Krispy Kremes for that, haha. But then the healthiness goes out the door.

Random… but Riley has been drooling uncontrollably from the one side of her mouth. Like, PUDDLES on the floor. I’m really hoping it goes away tonight, but since that is highly unlikely, I’ll probably be calling the vet in the AM 🙁

Any thoughts on Ry girls drooling?

Is it windy where you live?

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  1. Try looking inside of her mouth to see if there is anything stuck in there or any swelling or wounds on the inside of her mouth. She could be drooling because something is stuck in there and is irritating her, or because she injured herself. Or maybe she could have eaten something poisonous (either chemicals that were laying around or a poisonous bug)?

  2. AWW I hope Ry stops drooling!! I also hope that it’s just a small phase!??! In other news..that donut looks so good and holy man I want a stuffed donut so bad right now..

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