My Reaction to the WSJ “Get Over It” Article


Friday: 6 miles @ 8:12 pace on treadmill/ ab video x 2

Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

I’m sad to say that Saturday was my last BP class until after the race. Time to start resting and letting my muscles recover.


In case you haven’t read the article by Chad Stafko here is it OK, You’re a Runner: Get over It. For a short summary, he says that we runners like to pat ourselves on the back and relish in our running accomplishments by putting 262./13.1 stickers on our cars and plastering our runs on all social media outlets. I have to somewhat agree. I have a 26.2 license plate frame, love to wear running clothes or race shirts and post training runs and races on FB. I get his point. BUT I don’t push others to do it, or expect anyone to “pat me on the back.” I am simply proud of what I’ve done.

My biggest grudge is that how is any of that different from a college sports fan?! Mr. Stafko, do you proudly wear your Alma Mater’s t-shirt on game day? Do you have a jersey or hat or anything with your college on it? Do you cheer your team on and celebrate when they win? Of course you do. You’re proud of graduating from that college and want others to know it.

There are some crazy runners out there who, sure, are a bit obnoxious, just like there are those super fans who paint their bodies and act a fool at games.

Do we wake up uber early to run in the dark? Yup! And you wake up early to start tailgating before the game.

We have alumni (master runners) and Freshman (runners just beginning).

Some runners like to have all the new technology (think Garmin/Polar watches), new model of shoes, expensive Finisher’s gear, while other runners go bare bones and just run to run. Just like some sports fans like have the newest jerseys, hats, or anything with the team logo (that’s a long list!) while others just show up to watch a good game.

How is us (runners) updating our FB status to say we rocked our last run any different than you blowing up our feed with “GO fill in the blank team!”

OK, enough rambling and comparing, you guys get the point. People are naturally going to wear/post/talk about things they are proud of. Is that anything new? So wear your Finisher’s shirts and bumper stickers with pride because you know what?! YOU FREAKIN DESERVE TO!

Onto some more running talk 🙂 I have my last long run before my real taper begins. I’ve already been cutting down the mileage- hence the two 4 milers this week. I’m tackling another 2 x 3miles at tempo workout, only this time I have a 5 mile warm up and 5 miles in between the tempos. Because of hot, humid, crappy weather and other plans for the day, I am doing half outside and half on the treadmill.

Is this too much butternut squash to consume in one sitting?

IMAG1413I hope not, because that was part of my lunch, haha. Hey, a girl has to carb up before a long run right?! Half had cinnamon and half had thyme. Yummo! Stir fry was on the menu for dinner tonight.


I’m going to need the sodium tomorrow. Ugh. SO not looking forward to stepping out my door and being hit in the face with damp warmness. I need to start thinking positive ASAP! Happy Weekend my friends!

What do you think of the article?

How do you like to carb up?

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I recently found your blog and just love it! You are a wonderful inspiration for a newish runner like myself! Anyway, onto the article…the writer sounds like a jerk! It’s OK for football/baseball/basketball stars to get paid MILLIONS for something the love to do and brag about it constantly, but not OK for runners to silently display a bumper sticker?! I have been running for a few years now, most recently the R&R 1/2 in Savannah last weekend, and with every event I am amazed at the good humanity of runners. Strangers huddled together to keep warm before the start of the race, a random person fixing someone’s iPod, encouraging words being offered to the person you’ve been pacing with that you see struggling, a person running for a sick family member. With all the nonsense going on in the world it is REFRESHING to see a group of people doing something to better their overall health and bring some happiness and selflessness to a sport. Anyway, your blog is awesome and good luck at the Space Coast Marathon, I’m running that 1/2 with some friends. 🙂

    • Runners certainly are a kind bunch! Always willing to help each other out. Hope you had fun at Savannah! I’ve heard good things about that race. And good luck with Space Coast to you, too! Maybe we’ll run into each other!

  2. Great thoughts! It really is no different than anything else. I think all people like to boast their accomplishments. Isn’t that what a resume is. Some people might say well you don’t show your resume all over. But you do if you’re on LinkedIn!

    • Exactly! It’s not like were in people’s face telling them how awesome we are and that they should be just like us, we just want to show how proud we are with a sticker or a shirt.

  3. No like – getting that 13.1 sticker on my car was my primary motivation for running my first half. 🙂 Now I proudly display a 26.2. I earned them and I show them off with pride.

  4. And how about the guys who were in the Marines for 2 years and never left the States? Hanging Marine Corps flags, got the bumpa sticka etc. Nothing against serving your country,but does 2 years of service in Oklahoma really shape the rest of your life? My Dad was in the Air Force for 12 years and we never heard a word about it unless we asked.
    At least runners are talking about something they are doing, not their long lost glory.

    • Well said. If there ever comes a time that I’m not running anymore (highly doubtful, but I guess possible, haha) I won’t keep my 26.2 license plate frame. I think some things have an “expiration date” of sorts. Kind of like PRs. One can’t claim a 5k PR from their high school years if their 30, just saying, haha.

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