1 Week Until Blast Off!


Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

Sunday: 12 miles @ 7:53 pace on trail

Recap Below.


In case you forgot, or are a new reader, my next marathon is The Space Coast Marathon… one week from today, on December 1. The race is held in Cocoa Beach, FL, right across from the Kennedy Space center- hence the space theme and “blast off” in the post title.

space coast 2009

At the Space Coast Expo in 2009

To say that I am nervous is an understatement. I mentioned in a post last week that I’ve been having negative thoughts. I’m the kind of person that has to talk things out. Some people hold in their feelings, but not this girl. If I’m having a problem or issue, I have to talk to someone about it… So that I did!

After telling a few of my closest friends, and of course Todd, about my biggest concerns and reasons why I was so nervous, I felt so much better. Each person gave me a new and different perspective on the situation. Now that I’ve gotten all the negative thoughts off my chest I can go into my last week before the race on a positive, high note! Just where I need to be. I’ve done the training, put in the hard work and now I just have to believe in myself 🙂


Setting my current PR of 3:13:48

The word that best describes my run today is special. Everything was feeling pretty good and I was cruising along, when I approached a lady, Gretchen, who I’ve passed a million times on the trail. I actually “met” her over 3 years ago before Todd and I got married. Anywho, I took a moment to tell her I had my big race next weekend and wanted to thank her for always saying hello, smiling and waving to me. As we were talking another one of my “buddies” came up and I thanked him for the same thing. Seeing familiar faces out there when your running hard and need an extra push, really makes a difference. It was a great mid run boost!

Notice I said “mid run.” Ya, this little chat took place around 9.5 miles into my run and lasted about 5 minutes. It was a GREAT reminder of why I never stop to walk in a marathon… because I won’t want to start again! My legs were SO stiff once I started back up again, and it took a bit to get back in my grove. And to think, this was only after 9.5 miles at a 7:55ish pace, not after 20 miles at hopefully a 7:08 pace. Just something to keep in mind during the race…

Just Keep Running Dory

Little known fact: I LOVE this movie and can’t wait for “Dory” to come out 🙂

For a quick update on how my body’s feeling… my glute is definitely not 100%, but it doesn’t hurt when I run. Usually it just gets tight and then I’m pretty sore afterwards. A new ailment has been a dull aching on the ball of my left foot’s big toe. After doing a Google search, I think it might be metatarsalgia. This is an overuse injury, so it’s totally plausible. It’s not painful yet, but I don’t want it to become painful. I’m sure I’ll be fine through the race, but something to keep in mind for after. My knee crept up again about a week ago, but I think that’s because I needed to switch out shoes, which seemed to work, fingers crossed.

IMAG1426The shoes on the right only have 320 miles on them, so I’ll use them again after the race. I always wear a new-ish pair for a marathon and the new ones will have about 50 miles on them by next Sunday. Look at how dirty the older ones are! Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂

Did you go for a run this weekend?

How often do you switch out your shoes?


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  1. You are going to do great. I always switched shoes at 300 miles. My Asics which I used for the Marathon I let go for 500 miles. I thought they were so pricey they could do that. They couldn’t and I have had a mild -yet worrisome case of Plantars Ficiatis (Spelling). 6 weeks later I’m still not 100 percent. Moral of the story -switch shoes!

    • Ya, unfortunately, price doesn’t correlate with how many miles you can put on your shoes. So sorry to hear you got PF… I got that about 3 years ago and it was the WORST, so I feel your pain, literally, haha. Hope you’ll be back to 100% soon 🙂

  2. Good luck Heather!! You are going to kill it.

    I really REALLY need new shoes, but my poor college kid budget does not afford for changing them out too often. Good thing Christmas is right around the corner!

    • Thanks girl!

      I like to look for my shoes online for cheap and then buy a bunch at a time. Usually there’s free shipping and then your stocked for a while 🙂

    • Thank you! And I love bright colors 🙂 My knees are the first sign of needing to switch my shoes out, too. It’s crazy what a difference it makes.

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