Month: December 2013

Konnichiwa from Kyoto, Japan

Soooo I forgot about a delicious part of Taipei… hot pot! This was one of my favorite food experiences. Mainly because you pretty much get to play with your food, haha. You choose which pot you want (seafood, chicken, pork, vegetarian) and they bring out a bowl of raw cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, tofu, blood cake, fish ball, taro, kabocha squash! And a few other things, as well as your protein of choice and udon noodles. Then they start the broth in a, you guessed it, hot pot! You put in what you want to eat first and let it cook […]

Hey Hey From Taipei!

That is a misleading title, as I’m now in Japan, but here is my recap of 3 days in Taipei. I know I did a day to day recap in Kaohsiung, but honestly, there is no way I’m going to be able to keep that up, haha. We don’t have any time set aside for blogging and I’m doing most of my posts on train or plane rides. I’m thinking the rest of my recaps will be mostly pictures, so if you have any questions or want to know more about anything in particular, just ask in the comments and […]

Taipei Dream Runner 10k

First off, Merry Christmas Eve! I am so excited to now be able to say I’ve raced internationally! Todd found this race a few weeks before I got out here and with the help of a local guy he worked with, was able to register us online. It was comical to read the Google translated instructions. The bib was called “cloth,” and the post race food was labeled as “explosive meal,” to name a few. I literally laughed out loud when I read that. The race was at 5 pm and we had to be there by 4:30, so I […]

Kaohsiung Day 3

Day 3 in Kaohsiung started off with another run 🙂 The trail we ran on had a lot of artwork along the way and went through some local residential areas… Gotta get a runners pose in. It’s amazing at how clean and liter free every place is. You’d be hard pressed to find a piece of trash or even leaves on the ground. After breakfast we took the subway to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery.  Of course the first thing I had to do was use the restroom, which actually requires work (squatting) not rest, haha… Lovely. On to the […]

Kaohsiung Day 1 & 2

We left off with me finally meeting up with Todd… (read about the travel HERE) Now for the fun stuff! By the time I got to Todd in Kaohsiung, it was around 1:30 pm and we were both hungry, so after a short taxi ride to our hotel, we grabbed some steamed buns for lunch. OMG SO GOOD AND CHEAP. The perfect Heather meal… We got a cabbage, curry, spicy pork and coconut one and split them. I like to try everything, so that’s normally how we order 🙂 They were pretty filling with all that doughy goodness. We then […]

One Reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy Long Day!

WORKOUTS I know that I normally list my workouts at the beginning of each post, but while I’m in Asia I won’t be running regularly. So, I’m going to just jump right into the fun stuff from here on out, including any running in the regular post. Okay? Okay 🙂 ****** Let me tell you, getting from Tampa, FL to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to meet Todd took FOREVER!!! My flight from Tampa left at 7am. 5.5 hours later I was in LA. 12 hours later I was in Tokyo, with no sleep thanks to a crying baby and my lack of […]

FL Holiday Halfathon & Asia

WORKOUT Friday: 4 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill Saturday: Rest Sunday: FL Holiday Halfathon 13.1 at Maderia Beach Recap Below. ****** This Holiday Season has been anything but normal! With Todd being gone and me leaving soon for Asia, I’ve done little to no decorating for Christmas. No tree, no knick knacks, no lights on the house. So what’s a girl to do when she won’t be home to celebrate but loves Christmas?! Why run a Holiday race of course! And to make it even better, Melissa was running it, too! Twins on the run! (For newish readers, she’s not […]

Mrs. Independent

 WORKOUT Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump Thursday: 12 miles @ 7:59 pace on trail We’ve FINALLY gotten some cooler weather and I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 miler. Everything is feeling great since the marathon, although my glute is still flaring up a bit towards the end of my runs. ****** Part of Todd being gone means I have to do stuff around the house that I don’t normally do. I’ve had a few firsts, like shaving Riley and drum roll please changing my car battery. I was all ready to head to Body Pump Monday […]

Where’s Waldo?

WORKOUT Monday: 4 miles @ 8:30 on treadmill Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill/ Pilates Everything is still feeling A-OK! I’m taking things nice and slow, letting my legs fully recover. ****** No one is biting at the bit about what’s missing on the blog, so I’ll just put it out there… This handsome guy… I wrote a few posts a while back mentioning that Todd would be heading to Taiwan for work, and well, he’s been there since the send of September. I don’t know how military wives do it! While it sucks I only get to […]

My Highlights from Space Coast

WORKOUT Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill Sunday: 8 miles @ 8:12 pace on trail Both days I felt pretty good. Sunday’s run outside was a little tougher than usual, but certainly not hard by any means. I am still foam rolling like crazy. ****** I know everyone besides my fellow Floridian’s will hate me for saying this, but the heat and humidity are just killing me. We had a freakin record high of 84 this week. 84, people. It’s December and I’m running in shorts and a bra. I sweat my butt off walking my dog in […]

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