My Highlights from Space Coast


Saturday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

Sunday: 8 miles @ 8:12 pace on trail

Both days I felt pretty good. Sunday’s run outside was a little tougher than usual, but certainly not hard by any means. I am still foam rolling like crazy.


I know everyone besides my fellow Floridian’s will hate me for saying this, but the heat and humidity are just killing me. We had a freakin record high of 84 this week. 84, people. It’s December and I’m running in shorts and a bra. I sweat my butt off walking my dog in shorts and a tank top. I know the grass is always greener, but a little bit of cold weather would be nice to get me in the Christmas mood, sheesh!

At the end of my run today, I ran past a man and very shortly after was finished and stopped to walk. After a few steps I started to do my post run dynamic stretching, similar to this kind of thing…

The man that I passed had caught up to me and said, “You run really well, but you sure do walk funny!” Haha. It made my run. Totally reminded me of something my dad would say and he’s a pretty great guy, soooo ya, good times. I know I did a lot of complaining about my results at Space Coast, but I wanted to highlight the best parts of the race for me.

My Family. My race weekend started off with a good luck card from the fam, but really it’s from my dad…


My mom and sister really made that whole weekend about me and catered to my every wish. Not to mention their amazing cheering skills! I guess all those years as a soccer mom really paid off! They made signs and cheered so freaking loud.


 It really made me feel confident running along and hearing my name called yelled out. They were all over that course! I wish everyone could experience that kind of support. Kristin even gave me a massage on the drive home. What a great sister!


I mentioned in my recap that a lady had yelled out “Heather, you’re going to SPANK this race!” about 8 miles into the race. Obviously, only a blog reader would have know the spank reference and that really lifted me up. Knowing that someone out there recognized me and made an effort to cheer something so personal was really something special. Come to find out, she’s the same person that yelled out that I was “the third girl, stay strong” toward the end of the race. At the awards ceremony, the lady, Jolene, came over and introduced herself to me. We had communicated (and still do) a bit through e-mail and meeting her in person was awesome. She knew I wasn’t happy with my time, but congratulated me none the less. It’s crazy to have this “bond” with someone you don’t even know! This mom of 4 had qualified for Boston in her 2nd marathon AND placed first in her age group! What an inspiration she is to me! My only regret is that I failed as a blogger and didn’t get a picture of us.

Despite my major slow down and horrible form at the finish…IMG_3951 (1)

I was still able to take home this beauty…


I just wish the “3rd Place Female Overall” part was bigger. I mean, as vain as this may sound, I’d rather see how good I did than a huge picture of the shuttle. OK, stop judging me… I may be pissed about my time but I’ve never placed in the top three of a freakin marathon! Pretty cool. Now if only I was proud of the time behind that “win.”

Remember how I said I never drink coffee before a race because my bowels are already in hype active mode?! Well, the first thing I wanted/craved after the race was a darn coffee and by golly, that’s what I got, haha…
IMG_8970 (1)Just another example of how my wish was their command. I’ll be back with one more post about the race and why it was so emotional to me, but I’m sure you’re Space Coast-ed out, so I’ll do that in a few days. I want to thank everyone for their support again! I can’t say it enough, all of you are AWESOME! Hope you had a great weekend!

Has anyone figured out what’s missing yet?

What was the highlight of your weekend?Family

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    • They had diet coke there and I DID have one! It was refreshing! My sis made fun of me that I choose diet over regular after just running 26 miles, but I actually prefer the taste of diet- I know that’s bad, haha.

  1. Beautiful award!! But I agree, they need to write the 3rd place much bigger:) Congratulations girl!!!

  2. DUDE, your arms and legs are KILLER!! AMAZING! Sooo awesome about meeting a blog reader that was cheering you on!! I LOVE IT! Of course I love the Starbucks photo too!! I agree with you..the giant photo of the space ship is a little much haha.

    • Thanks lol, I’m usually so drained by the end of the race every muscle pops out… I’m not that ripped on the reg. That was my first time meeting a reader and it was great 🙂

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