Where’s Waldo?


Monday: 4 miles @ 8:30 on treadmill

Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

Everything is still feeling A-OK! I’m taking things nice and slow, letting my legs fully recover.


No one is biting at the bit about what’s missing on the blog, so I’ll just put it out there… This handsome guy…

I wrote a few posts a while back mentioning that Todd would be heading to Taiwan for work, and well, he’s been there since the send of September. I don’t know how military wives do it! While it sucks I only get to talk to him once a day (sometimes twice if I’m lucky!) at least I get to talk to him EVERYday and know he’s safe. I know what you’re thinking and thaaaat’s right… almost three months. My Birthday, Halloween, our Anniversary, Thanksgiving and Space Coast. He feels absolutely horrible about being gone. I don’t give him a hard time or make him feel bad about it. It is what it is and thankfully I’ll be with him soon! Since he has been out there so long, the company will pay for my flight out there. We are taking one last hoorah vacay around Asia before we start our family 🙂

I’m a pretty emotional person and am very lucky to have some amazing friends and family here to keep me company and make sure I’m OK. Todd being gone is a big reason Space Coast was so emotional for me. I know it sounds silly, but it was weird not having him at the start or having dinner with him the night before the race going over all the details to reassure me. Knowing he wasn’t going to be at the finish was hard and that’s why my cheering entourage really made the race the best it could be.


This one they made “from Todd.” Love it!

While it sucks being without him, like I’ve mentioned, at least I have friends and family… he doesn’t have anyone but two work guys out there with him. His days are long, with an hour cab ride to and from work. The building he’s working in is fairly new and not very well built so little creatures get in very easily…

Poor guy. Because THAT’S what he wants to see when he walks into work. A least the Simulator he’s programming for is pretty awesome…

Inside the dome is where a pilot sits and learns how to fly the aircraft. The coolest part is when they have the motion on…

It really is like the most realistic video game you’ll ever “play.” You can read more about what he does HERE. While at work, lunch is delivered to them and usually contains rice, some sort of meat (usually pork), tofu and veggies…

The lunch above was a pork chop, kimchi (which Todd HATES), bok choy and regular tofu mixed with blood tofu (which he surprisingly liked). After eating meals like this every day they like to treat themselves to some good ole American food every once and while and Outback has been there go to place, haha. When Todd’s here, I send him with a PB&J every day. He finally found a jar of peanut butter so he could start taking them there. The local workers kept asking him what it was so he made one for them to try. Now, the people of Taiwan are not into sweet things AT ALL (I know… how am I going to survive over there!?) and Todd was worried it would be too sweet with the jam, but they LOVED it! It’s so funny how something that is such a staple over here is a super crazy combination to them- like this is to us…

I am all about asparagus, but not in pure juice form, haha. He has gotten out and about and done some fun touristy things, but I’ll save pictures or that for when I’m there too 🙂 He’s even been hitting up the gym several days a week and getting a longish run outside on Sunday, his one day off. I don’t know how he has the energy to work out after a 12 hour work day. No joke. He works 10 and communtes 2. Seriously, how did I get so luck to land such an awesome guy?!

See you soon baby cakes!!! Oh, and sorry to everyone for not telling you sooner that he was gone. I’m weird about putting that kind of thing out there on the internet for anyone to read. It’s one thing to know he’s not here for a bit, but close to three months… I had to keep it under wraps. Glad you guys are in on my little secret now, haha.

Would you try blood tofu?

How far away from home have you traveled?

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  1. Have you ever heard that pickle juice makes your boobs bigger? Well I wonder if asparagus juice does the same thing?! LOL! I need a handsome man on my blog… And no, not a celebrity – I need a MAN WITHIN REACH. You are so lucky to have found Todd and I cannot wait to follow you along as you start your family and post about it on your blog!!!! It totally sucks that he has been gone for SO LONG – but you’re right: it is what it is, and I am glad you’re so calm about it – OR SO YOU SOUND LIKE IT on your blog! ha ha. You could be a CRAZY mess in person, but you definitely don’t come off that way! 😉

    And it’s weird to me… Why are we so scared of mice? They aren’t snakes and they’re kind of cute, but if I saw one running around, I would FLIP A BIT**!!!!! LOL!

    PS: Can I come on your Asian journey?! I need a vacation and I adore ASIA!

    • I need to start drinking pickle juice ASAP! I’ve handled him being gone pretty good, but GIRL I’ve been a HOTT MESS plenty of times.
      Totally agree on the mouse thing… they’re cute until runnin WILD! Then Hellllll No!
      I have a layover in LA and I’m pretty sure I could fit you in my suit case. Just sayin…

  2. That would be such a fun trip, I am jealous!!!! I am pretty sure, I would never try blood tofu, but I am the pickest eater around, so when it comes to most foods out there and trying new things, I guess I can just say, my loss:)

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