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Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:26 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

Thursday: 12 miles @ 7:59 pace on trail

We’ve FINALLY gotten some cooler weather and I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 miler. Everything is feeling great since the marathon, although my glute is still flaring up a bit towards the end of my runs.


Part of Todd being gone means I have to do stuff around the house that I don’t normally do. I’ve had a few firsts, like shaving Riley and drum roll please changing my car battery. I was all ready to head to Body Pump Monday evening and my car wouldn’t start. I called my mom (go figure, haha) and she came over to help. Step 1- Try and jump start the battery. Didn’t work. It was DEAD. Step 2- Get the battery out…

IMAG1495Step 3- Go buy another battery. Step 4- Put it all back together…

IMAG1496By this time, it was dark out and a flashlight was needed. It was a team effort.

IMAG1497Riley was making sure there were no monsters in the bushes.

IMAG1498After we got everything screwed in the car STILL wouldn’t start. UGH, you’ve got to be kidding me! My mom took another look and the positive connection side could have been pushed down a little more so she said to get a hammer. I tapped at it a few times and she just laughed and said give me the hammer. She got that baby down with a few good whaks and guess what? The car started right up! We literally cheered out loud for our accomplishment. It felt good to be Mrs. Independent! Although, I’m not gonna lie, I’ll depend on Todd in the future when he’s home, haha.

Another thing I had to deal with on my own was a broken AC. Now I know most of you don’t need an AC right now and probably have your heaters on full blast, but the temps are still in high 80’s here and the AC is MUCH needed. You know it’s bad when its hotter INSIDE than it is outside…

IMAG1502As I’m sure many of the other ladies who read this blog have probably experienced, dealing with service people can be quite the challange. You never know if you’re getting ripped off or sold something you don’t need… case in point, the $75 oil change I got a month ago. Usually I’d just call Todd when they tell me I need this or that, but that wasn’t an option then or for the AC ordeal. I know part of this is my own fault… I should just learn the ins and outs of common problems around the house, so I can’t blame them for everything, but still.

I called a two companies out for a free diagnosis and they both said the compressor was blown. Great. The most expensive part of an AC. Taiwan is 13 hours behind us (they don’t do the whole time change thing) so if I don’t ask Todd everything I need to when I talk to him in the morning (his night) I have to wait 12 hours until I can talk to him again. Needless to say, that made making a huge financial decision- thousands of dollars- really hard. I ended up calling around and found a place that saved us $400! Score.

The guy was really nice and even gave Riley a treat. Come to find out, one of the parts that we needed replaced, didn’t even NEED REPLACED! The first guy that came switched 2 wires around to make it not work. The first guy even showed me how there was “no charge going through.” Well no SHIT! You screwed with it. Ugh, I was so pissed. It had to be him because the second guy also said it was broken and I sure as hell didn’t mess with it. All I know is that karma’s a bitch so that guy can suck it, haha. OK OK, enough of my rant. I just hate when people take advantage of others.

To leave you on a good note, here’s a cute pic of Ry girl catching lizards…


Have you ever changed a car battery?

Do you think service people take advantage of women or am I overreacting? You can be honest.

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  1. UGH!! I hate when service people try to rip us women off… this happened to me not too long ago with the service department at a local Toyota dealership. What happened was, every time i drove my car and made a turn, it sounded like water was in my dashboard swishing around. It was the weirdest thing. So I took it into the dealership to see what was up. When I got there, I explained to the service guy what was happening. He immediately told me that they knew what the problem was, and they would need to rip my entire dash board apart. The quoted my $6k! Of course I was horrified and the service guy told me I should check with my insurance to see if they would cover some of it. I told them I would be back later that day, once I had talked to my insurance provider. On my drive away from the dealership, I realized that no one had even looked at my car. All they had done was listen to me explain what the issue was. (Red Flag!) So I googled my car problem, to see if anyone else with my car had this issue, and sure enough found a forum where hundreds people had this issue. What what even better is that someone posted a solution with a youtube video on how it fix it myself. All i had to do was move the carpet near the floor board on the passenger side, and find this tube that ran along the side, unplug it, shove a clothes hanger up it, and unclog the tube. Easy Peasy. Took me 5 min, and saved me 6 grand. I’m convinced that they were total assholes to me because I was a women and sounded like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Jerks.

    Ive never had to change a car battery tho!! Good work lady!

  2. Way to go Mrs Indepenant! I actually jumped my car without the help of a man just a few weeks ago. Doesn’t it feel good.

    Next time you have AC troubles, call me. That’s what Dedee’s dad does 😉

  3. DUDDDEEE I need a new battery!! COME CHANGE MINE PLEASE!?! I plan to just buy a battery from Sears or an auto store and they will put it in for me. I have like a cover over mine that I have no idea how to get off…annddd..I don’t wanna mess with it!! I think that people definitely try to rip you off if you are not as knowledgeable about something. Like if I were to go into a place that sold horses..or tractors..I would have no idea what a good deal was. This is when people pounce on the innocent!! LAME!

    • I’ll be right over… I’m practically a pro now. Ha! And then we’ll find a school to send you to get some edumacation on tractors- yee haww!

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