One Reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy Long Day!


I know that I normally list my workouts at the beginning of each post, but while I’m in Asia I won’t be running regularly. So, I’m going to just jump right into the fun stuff from here on out, including any running in the regular post. Okay? Okay ๐Ÿ™‚


Let me tell you, getting from Tampa, FL to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to meet Todd took FOREVER!!! My flight from Tampa left at 7am. 5.5 hours later I was in LA. 12 hours later I was in Tokyo, with no sleep thanks to a crying baby and my lack of ability to sleep on planes. 4 hours later I was in Taipei, where I was to spend the night and catch the high speed rail to Kaohsiung and then a taxi to our hotel. Well, my flight to Taipei was 45 minutes late and by the time I got a shuttle to the hotel, got checked in and called Todd to tell him I made it there safely, it was 11:30pm. I set up a shuttle to take me to the high speed rail at 11 am and breakfast was until 10:30, so I set an alarm for 9:30… plenty of time to catch up on some sleep, shower, grab breakfast and hit the road.

Sounds like a great plan, until my alarm didn’t go off and I wake up, look at the clock and see it’s 10:29 am. WTF?! I literally pulled on my clothes from the previous day, sans underwear because I couldn’t find any (I didn’t unpack since I was only going to be there for one night) and ran to breakfast. They were putting everything away, and I asked the lady if they had oatmeal. She didn’t speak much English but said “oh, oh, yes,” and pointed to a man. He proceed to make me an omelet, haha. I guess oatmeal kind of sounds like omelet if you don’t speak English, haha. That was fine. I also managed to grabย 2 pieces of toast, one with PB and one with Nutella and some stir fried veggies (remember, I’m in Taiwan). There was no coffee left. Sigh.

After I ate, I went to the front desk to ask if I could get a shuttle at 11:30 instead of 11. She said they only ran every hour. So I asked for 12, but that shuttle was full. UGH. It’s 1.5 hours to Kaohsiung and I didn’t want to leave at 1 so I asked what time it was (10:59am) and if she could hold the shuttle for 5 minutes so I could go up and grab my luggage. I quickly brushed my teeth- a must- found underwear, peed and headed downstairs. Thankfully they waited for me! I got to the train station, purchased my ticket and was on my way to see my man!!!


On the train I got a yummy snack mix and COFFEE!!! Yes! Compared to hours of flying, this was a short trip and between the snack, coffee and Running Times magazine, I was at my destination in no time. As I walked out into the terminal, who do I see but my one and only handsome husband! He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get off work, but there he was. Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears and I ran towards him. So much has happened since he was gone and it took what seemed like forever to get there, that I was overcome with emotion. FINALLY, in my love’s arms.

Sorry for the lack of pictures… I honestly wasn’t in blog mode for the beginning of the trip, but I PROMISE my next post will be filled with pictures of our fun adventures!

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  1. Lobe!!! I’m so happy you’ve made it into Todd’s arms! Eeeek!! I’m proud of you traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles without anyone’s help – you’re pretty amazing!! Enjoy the sites, the food, the memories, and your MAN! Love you!! Be safe!!!

  2. What a trip. So glad you made it safely! And I’m happy you’re with Todd. I can only imagine what it feels like for him to be away for so long ๐Ÿ™

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