Kaohsiung Day 1 & 2

We left off with me finally meeting up with Todd… (read about the travel HERE) Now for the fun stuff! By the time I got to Todd in Kaohsiung, it was around 1:30 pm and we were both hungry, so after a short taxi ride to our hotel, we grabbed some steamed buns for lunch. OMG SO GOOD AND CHEAP. The perfect Heather meal…



We got a cabbage, curry, spicy pork and coconut one and split them. I like to try everything, so that’s normally how we order 🙂 They were pretty filling with all that doughy goodness. We then walked to the ferry, which took us over to Chichin Island. We roamed around and visited the light house. It’s crazy… dogs wander around here like cats- everywhere in Taiwan, not just on the island. No joke, they are every where. They don’t come up to you and aren’t aggressive at all. It’s so weird.

IMGP0682This is on top of a fort connected to the light house… Nothing like a nice dirt beach!


We took the ferry back and walked around a small market where I tried a bunch of random dried fish and shrimp. We ended up buying a small bag of this smoked dried squid stuff. Not really sure how to explain it, but it’s kind of like shredded jerky.


I started to get hungry again and Todd said I had to try the grilled squid on a stick. I am up for anything and thought it was really good!



Todd had been getting Subway for dinner and had a coupon for a free sub, so for dinner we got that and this big ball of chocolate bread, of which I forgot to take a pic, but was delicious! We went to bed around 9:30, planning to get up at 6:30 to go running. I of course didn’t sleep well and was up every hour after 4 am so we finally got up at 6 and started running at 6:30. A cold front came in the day before and it was super windy, about 60 degrees with a light drizzle periodically, I didn’t care though, it was just great to run with Todd again. We did a quick 6 miles around town, showered and went to the hotel breakfast.


Since we are in Taiwan, the breakfast is anything but normal. They had a regular salad bar, rice, noodles, a variety of soups, all kinds of fish/squid/octopus, an omelet station, dumplings, assorted pastries, waffles, 3 different soy milks, fruit, cereal, salty eggs… I can’t even remember everything. I tried a few things, but kept it simple. We had plenty of time to get creative during the day, haha. After breakfast we headed to monkey mountain. It’s pretty much this mountain you climb up and there are wild monkeys all around. It was quite the workout, but pretty cool to see the Macaque monkeys in their natural environment.



Cleaning each other

A little too close for comfort!

A little too close for comfort!

Baby monkey's monkey-ing around, haha

Baby monkey’s monkey-ing around, haha

Too cute!

Too cute!

Can you find the monkey?

Can you find the monkey?

Next up was lunch time! Dumplings, pot stickers and sweet and sour soup was on our list. We got pork, leek, spicy Korean, shrimp, and curry flavors. They were all outstanding. The soup was interesting. Much thicker than I expected.

IMAG1272Did you know it’s the norm to take a nap after lunch in Taiwan? Yup. So Todd napped and I blogged, haha. Once our feet were rested, we headed back out and found a market filled with clothes and accessories. After browsing around, we headed to the night food market, filled with interesting food for dinner. I’ll start off with what we ate, then show you more of the weird stuff, haha. Dumplings, green onion patty thing, 2 pork and green onion hard buns and 4 prawns.


Waiting for my prawns to cook!


We also had these quail eggs that had tiny shrimp in them…


Oh! And how could I forget the chicken butt?!


It tasted fine, but the texture was awful. And here are some randoms, with captions…

Walking through the night market.

Walking through the night market.

Assorted seafood.

Assorted seafood.

Delicious duck parts... none of which we tried.

Delicious duck parts… none of which we tried.

And what market would be complete without chicken feet? Regular or Spicy

And what market would be complete without chicken feet? Regular or Spicy

After the night market we called it a night and went back to the hotel. So that was day one and two… I’ll share our last day in Kaohsiung with you in my next post! I can’t promise I’ll be posting this regular as the trip goes on… not sure what out internet situation will be like, but for now, I’m try to share as much as I can 🙂

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