Kaohsiung Day 3

Day 3 in Kaohsiung started off with another run 🙂 The trail we ran on had a lot of artwork along the way and went through some local residential areas…


Gotta get a runners pose in. It’s amazing at how clean and liter free every place is. You’d be hard pressed to find a piece of trash or even leaves on the ground.

running 2

After breakfast we took the subway to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery.  Of course the first thing I had to do was use the restroom, which actually requires work (squatting) not rest, haha…


Lovely. On to the fun part… There were two parts of the monastery- the old and new.


The old part is still a working monastery today, where all the monks live and there were several of them walking around. It was fun to tour around and see all the statues. I couldn’t resist…


All that walking made us hungry, so we grabbed lunch at this vegetarian restaurant located in the new area. For $12/person we had 8 courses and our own pots of tea! In the picture below, the long fried thing was an egg roll with salad. Below that was asparagus with mushrooms and some gelatinous stuff, haha. The pie thing had peppers, lemon grass, cauliflower and cashews in a sweet, hot sauce. The soup had all sorts of mushrooms, tofu, cashews (they literally melted in your mouth) some more gelatinous stuff and sweet potato.


In the picture below, there were cabbage dumplings, sticky rice with mushrooms and tofu, some weird but delicious roll things- seriously, I have NO clue what was in them, and green tea panna cotta-like dessert topped with red bean paste.

veggie meal

Todd doesn’t like tea and I drank his pot, so he was thirsty while we were waiting for the bus back to the subway. We bought a local soda called mini-oligowater, which had a bubblegum-like after taste. It was really good!


Our next stop was Lotus Lake, where we walked through the Kaohsiung Confucius Temple…


Then made our way to the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas…


By this time it was pretty dark (the sun sets around 5), we were tired from all the walking (around 7ish miles) and hungry, so we grabbed a few more steamed buns for dinner. Did I mention that each bun costs around 50 cents?! Food over here is so cheap and so good! On the walk back to our hotel, I wanted something sweet for dessert so we found one of the many street vendors that sell these little filled waffle-like treats.


They are filled with either cream- which is more like a thick custard really, red bean paste, sweet potato or sesame paste. Super yummy and again, only like 10 cents for one.

I forgot to mention yesterday that while walking to the street market we were stopped at a cross walk and a line of buses with school kids passed by. One got stopped by the light and all the kids were so excited to see me- this blonde American girl. They all got up and were at the window smiling and waving and taking pictures of me, haha. I seriously felt like a celebrity.


We have now left Kaohsiung… Todd’s home for the past 3 months, haha. The hotel was pretty Americanized and even had beautiful Christmas tree!


I’m typing this up while on our way to Taipei on the high speed rail- about a 2 hour ride. Most of our traveling will be done on the HSR, subways, bus or cab rides and a few flights. Our trip has only just begun and already I feel like we’ve done so much! Tonight, I’m excited to run in a 10k race in Taipei. Wish us luck, but by the time I post this I’ll already be done with the race. Stay tuned for the results! Happy Weekend!

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  1. Officially jealous of all that food!! And totally jealous that your man runs with you, I suggested mine bring some gear to join me for a run so I don’t get lost in Switzerland next week and he just looked at me like I was nuts.

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