Month: December 2013

Friday 5, a Little Game and High 5!

WORKOUT Friday: 4 miles @ 8:32 pace on treadmill Well folks, I’m back at it. My first run since the marathon went well. Nothing is sore anymore, but I could feel my glute a bit, which isn’t a surprise. I AM sore from Body Pump yesterday though. The good kind of sore 🙂 ****** 1) I know I showed you guys the super cool medal from Space Coast, but I didn’t show you what else we got. This huge towel! I actually got 2 because I had to make a quick stop at the medical tent after the race for […]

4 Years Ago Today…

WORKOUT Wednesday: Lots of foam rolling and walking Riley. Thursday: Body Pump (no legs) My legs are actually feeling pretty good, but I wanted to give them one more day of rest. I was feeling a bit restless so I did BP for a good weight sesh. ****** Four years ago today, I got engaged!!! I had NO CLUE it was coming. Todd had a last minute work trip to Hawaii and I was lucky enough to piggy back off that and meet him out there for a vacay of our own. Todd is an excellent planner and always finds […]

Space Coast Marathon Recap

WORKOUT Monday: Rest. Lots of Riley Walking. Tuesday: Pilates. Walking. ****** Where to being? I think I’m going to tackle this recap from strictly a race standpoint for now and will delve into the rest of it in another post. So here we go… Thursday and Friday I made sure to increase my carb intake and get plenty of sleep. And it’s a good thing because Saturday night I didn’t sleep a wink. I saw the time at every hour of the night. I “woke up” at 4am Sunday and ate 3/4 of a bagel before getting ready and taking […]

Just a Quick Update

WORKOUT Sunday: 26.2 miles @ the Space Coast Marathon Mini Recap Below. ****** I think this sums it up… Official time= 3:18:43. Sigh. The Finisher’s Medal was huge… But the 3rd Place Woman Overall Award was even bigger 🙂 I’ll post a more in depth review of the race later. I’m just not ready yet. In short, I’m not happy with the race at all. Sure I got 3rd woman, but honestly, I’d rather have gotten 1000th woman and a PR instead. I’ll go into the reasoning for that at a later date, too. Thank you everyone for all the […]

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