Wednesday: (the day after we got back) Rest

Thursday: 4 miles un-timed on trail/ Body Pump

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill

Slowly getting back into the swing of things after a month long vacay that included little running. I’ll update you guys on the running front soon 🙂 I was more sore than I’d like to admit after BP, haha.


Just in case you forgot… HERE is where we left off. OK. So, from Tokyo, we went flew to Shanghai. Our flight to started off with a surprise… dinner! I got fish/rice and Todd got beef/noodles. Both were surprisingly good.

shanghai flight meal

We got in pretty late, so we checked into the hotel before doing a quick walk around the Bund- a scenic walk of Shanghai’s skyline. Here is a progression of the Bund from morning into night…

shanghai all day

The next morning we set out to the City Planning Center. They have the whole city in miniature form inside and it switched between day and night every 10 min.

urban planning

 On our walk there, we saw this lady…

duck in a bag

Can you tell what’s in the bag? Super fun, haha. Then we came across this “Iranian Pizza.” It was pretty much just flaky bread with green onions in it, but it was delicious! The guys were making it right there in a clay oven.

iran pizza

We found the locals favorite hot pot restaurant for dinner. There was a long wait and no English menu, but luckily there was a girl waiting who knew a bit of English and helped us out. It was Bejing style hot pot, so a little different than when we went in Taiwan. It was good, but I like the other one better.

hot pot shanghai

That night was New Years Eve, so we went to the Bund for fireworks, but were let down with a wimpy show. Oh well, at least I got my NYE kiss 🙂

new years 2014

The next morning I went for a run on the Bund. Not too many people were out, so that was nice, but I did have a few pictures of me taken by random people. That’s actually happened quite a bit. Todd also got a pic of me running.

Shanghai running

So now I’ve run in Taiwan, Japan and China! My running is cut way down because of all the smog. It is REALLY getting to us. It’s weird… Chinese people in America wear face masks but in China, where the smog is the worst, NO ONE wears them. I don’t get it! The smog tends to clear in the afternoon, but it is still brutal on our throats. Not to mention, SO many people smoke here.

I guess mochi is considered a good luck food to eat on New Years day, so we each picked out a treat from this place that was swarming with locals- that’s when you KNOW it’s good, haha. Mine had red bean paste in it (which I’ve come to really like) and Todd’s had black sesame paste (which is also really good.) I also got a black tea and milk bubble tea. Yummo!

mochi tea

We were only in Shanghai for 2 days before we were off to Hong Kong. Recap coming soon! So happy to be back blogging 🙂

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  1. Oh my gosh those photos of you running with the city in the background are SO great!! I LOVE the lighting, and color!! AHH CHICKEN THING IN THE BAG EWWW! HAHA. Welcome home!

    • Glad to be back! It’s a duck in the bag and it was interesting to say the least to see that bad boy just hanging out, haha. Todd loves playing with the settings on the camera… I’m sure you do too now that you’re all professional with your new pride and joy!

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