Friends + Family + Food= Long Weekend Fun!


Saturday: 4 miles @ 8:25 pace on treadmill

Sunday: 10ish miles @ untimed pace on trail

Monday: Body Pump

My garmin died after 1.5 miles on Sunday… who knew you’d have to charge your watch after it sat for a month, haha. Oh well. I wasn’t worried about time anyways. Les Mills came out with a new release over the weekend and so far I’m not a huge fan. Hopefully it will grow on me. Let’s see how sore I am this week, haha.


The next few weeks are all about getting together with friends and family to catch up and share our awesome (and not so awesome) experiences in Asia. Thursday, I met Ashley up for ice cream at DLites. She was happy to see the place was still in business after I hadn’t been there, haha. I love her. Friday, the SIL and my beautiful niece came over for dinner, play time and look at the million pictures we took. We sent Addy post cards from as many places in Asia as we could and brought her back this silly oriental outfit that she loved, haha…


Saturday, I met up with the twin (Melissa) and Pam for coffee. No pictures, but I love catching up with them and just hanging out. There’s nothing like spending time with good friends! Sunday was Mary’s baby shower. She’s due in 5 weeks and I can’t wait to see if Baby Baum is a boy or girl! I’m guessing girl 🙂

IMAG1527Obviously Monday was MLK Day. My mom- a teacher- had the day off, so her, my sister and I went to Mazzaro’s Italian Market. It was rediculous. Took me right back to Italy! You walk in and there’s fresh produce, an olive bar and butcher/meat department. As you walk through, there are imported grocery items and frozen homemade items like lasagna, meatballs, manicotti. Then you come across the wine and cheese room. There are sample of each- you know I’m a sucker for sample! There is a counter with prepared foods and fresh made pastas…

IMAG1531Todd loves pierogies, so I got us cheese/potato and beef/pork ones for dinner. I also got some pear/cheese purses that reminded me of our dinner at Osteria Natalina. All three pastas were so good and so fresh. I was worried the pork/beef ones were going to be greasy, but they weren’t at all! And there was just the right amount of pear in the purses, so they weren’t too sweet. Although I did miss the walnut cream sauce from Osteria Natalina.

Next, we stopped at the bakery counter. My favorite 🙂


We got an olive loaf, hoagie rolls, man-hole sized focaccia bread and 6 different biscotti and a large coffee to share outside on their patio. Remnants of the biscotti…

IMAG1532They were so good! We probably shouldn’t have eaten so many of them, but hey, it was a girls afternoon, why not?! We followed that by tearing into the focaccia on the drive home, haha. The store/market is in St. Pete, about 30 minutes from my parents, so we had time to kill 😉

IMAG1534Don’t think I really need to go into detail about how freakin yummy that bad boy was. And if that wasn’t enough carbs for the day, I had a slice of olive loaf while I tried the fresh mozzarella my mom got. Both equally delicious. I Love Bread.

IMAG1536And for dessert… Todd and I have been looking for REAL chocolate covered bacon. Not a chocolate bar with bacon pieces. Real bacon. Dipped in the good stuff. MAZZARO’S HAD IT! It was smokey and salty and sweet. Now, I prefer carbs topped with frosting for dessert, but this was pretty darn good and hit the spot.

IMAG1537Well my friends, I know I’ve said it a lot lately, but I’m glad to be back in the U.S. Hopefully I’ll get back on track with regular posts beacuse I feel like I have so much to tell you! Hope you had a great weekend and a happy start to the week 🙂

Do you have a favorite market you go to?

Chocolate covered bacon- Yay or Nay?