Hong Kong


Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

Wednesday: 8 miles @ 8:19 pace on trail

Today’s run outside was MUCH better than Sunday’s. I think my body was still getting over a cold and I just felt lethargic Sunday. Today, other than really cold, I felt great!


Our next stop after Shanghai was Hong Kong. We had a late flight and went straight to the hotel and headed to bed. The next morning, we took an hour ferry ride to Macau.


Macau is like Hong Kong… it’s a Special Administrative Region of China. So technically it’s it’s own country. Their main source of revenue is from tourism and casinos. It’s seriously like Vegas on steroids. I mean, look at how big the Venetian is…


Macau was formerly a Portuguese colony and a lot of that culture still remains. Like the main square, almond cookies and egg tarts.



We also visited the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. A huge Catholic church was out of the norm from what we had been seeing the past few weeks.


After grabbing some dinner, we went to see the House of Dancing Water show. It was AMAZING! Over 80 gymnasts, circus artists, dancers, divers, actors, and motorcyclists are featured in the show and perform on a water based stage. It’s crazy. One act, they are diving from the ceiling and then next, there are motorcycles zooming around. It’s honestly the best show I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been to the Chippendale’s show in Vegas, haha.)


This is right around the time Todd started to get sick. On top of the nasty air in China, his 70 hour work week for months and being in another country, broke down his immune system. It wasn’t anything he ate, as his stomach was always fine, but he got shivers from a bad fever and horrible cough and scratchy throat. I think he got strep throat, but we’ll never know. We needed some comfort food, so McDonald’s shakes to sooth his throat and peanut butter Captain Crunch happened.


This pic was in our hotel room, which was really nice, but do you see the buildings in the background? All housing. There are high rises and new ones being built EVERYWHERE! Too many people. I got a run in on the hotel treadmill while Todd was taking a nap one day, so I guess I can say I’ve run in 4 Asian countries 🙂 Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong. Holler! Hong Kong skyline…

hong kong skyline

From Hong Kong, we went to Guilin. It was quite the adventure… we had to take the subway to Shenzen (the border of Hong Kong and China) and grab a taxi to the airport. Before you can get to the taxi line you have to go through customs which took FOREVER and we were then worried about making our flight. The taxi driver didn’t understand where we wanted to go and we were honestly making air plane gestures with our hands and pointing to the exits to get there. It was quite stressful. Then we had to go through customs again at the airport (of course taking forever) and we were sure we were going to miss our flight. We made it by the skin of our teeth! (Is it just me, or does that not even make sense?!) Anywho… next recap- Guilin, Yangshou and Xi’An.

Do you get sick when traveling for a long time?

Best show you’ve ever seen?