What Do You Do When You Have a Girls Night and One of the Girls Isn’t There?


Saturday: 12 miles @ 8:18 pace on trail

Sunday: 6 miles @ 8:23 pace on treadmill

Recap below.


My weekend started early Saturday morning with a bowl of oatmeal… then I was off to meet my girlfriend Hailey up for coffee at Starbucks around 7:30. We talked for over two and a half hours, catching up. I brought a banana to snack on, as I was planning on heading from there to run. I didn’t end up running until 10:30! Thankfully, it was still cold enough to be comfortable, but not too cold. I was able to wear a tank top and shorts and not get hot. I did get some sun though! Yay for vitamin D! Todd and I had a relaxing afternoon with pancakes and coffee for lunch. Of course we walked the Ry girl, too!

Saturday night was a girls night to celebrate Jenn’s birthday. There was only one problem… one of our girls moved away 🙁 Remember Laura’s going away party? Well I knew it wouldn’t be the same without her, so I brought her along! We went to Ella’s, a small folkart restaurant that has eclectic cuisine and fun art all over. We started with a restaurant favorite, the Rasta-Far-Fries: Fried Potato Wedges tossed in House Mustard with Sea Salt, Cilantro and Sriracha…


Then we all ordered drinks. I got a Tampa Stormy. It had a double shot of rum, ginger beer, bitters and a splash of lime. I REALLY liked it! I tend to lean more toward the savory drinks than the fruity cocktails, but I like those, too, haha. Then Kristen ordered Green Tea shots. Can’t remember what was in them, but they went down easy… here’s where Laura comes in 🙂

laura shotsYa, that’s right… I blew up a picture of her face, glued it to cardboard and attached a stick on the back. She will now always be able to attend girl’s night, even if she lives in Seattle. We each got something different and shared: the Good Burger (Housemade Veggie Patty with Glory Road Sunflower Shoots, Curried Mayo, Avocado Relish & Crispy Onion Strings) with the best fried green tomatoes I’ve ever had, The Hippy Pizza (Garlic Puree, Spinach, Portabella, Sundried Tomatoes, Almonds, Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata Olives, Basil, & Vegan Soy Cheese), Henry The Loaf (Bacon wrapped Meatloaf covered with Rootbeer Gravy & Crispy Onion Strings served with Garlic Mashed Potato Cake & Seasonal Veggie) and The Dog House (Baby Spinach tossed in a Honey Sherry Vinaigrette with Tomato, Red Onion, Goat Cheese, Almonds, sautéed Asparagus, & Portobello with Grilled Salmon).

ellasEverything was beyond delicious! The rolls served with dinner were top notch as well! SO. Good. I could have eaten those alone and been happy. haha. The waitress brought out the best dessert ever… banana and peanut butter empanadas with whipped cream and ice cream. Holy crap they were good! After dinner we face-timed Laura to tell her about our shenanigans and she loved it! When I got home I made sure to get some electrolytes in me with some Nuun #winterhydration I’m telling you… this stuff is good for running and the occasional night of too many beverages 😉

IMAG1561Yes, you read that clock right. I was home by 11:30… we are CRAZY, let me tell ya, haha. I woke up Sunday ready for a run. No really. Want to know why? Because in a week, my sister will be running her first marathon and I am SO FREAKIN STOKED!!! You don’t even know. Actually, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I’m sure you know how excited I am. Just like when I race, I’m doing all my pre-race craziness and busted out my 26.2 mug this morning 🙂


Makes my heart happy! For my run today, I had a small apple before jumping on the treadmill and I didn’t really warm up. On mornings like this, I’ll start my pace at 8:41 and just bump the speed up one every mile or so. Get’s my legs loose slowly. You might notice that that blue shirt is my go to shirt after a run, while I stretch and eat/drink and before I shower. I rotate the “post run shirt” every few days. Don’t worry. I’m not THAT gross. Have a great week! PS I’m posting this on the 26th… that has to be good luck for Kristin, right?! 🙂

Last restaurant you ate at?

Anyone you know racing next weekend?

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