5 Things Friday


Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill

Thursday: 4 miles @8:20 pace on treadmill/ Body Pump

Friday: 6 miles @ 8:10 pace on treadmill


The weather here has been less than desirable. NOTHING compared to what everyone else is dealing with, but not great none the less, so I’ve been doing all my runs on the treadmill. Not a big deal for me thanks to my gym set up, but I know some of you hate it. I haven’t done one of these “5 things” posts in a while and I have a bunch of random crap to share, so I figured it was the perfect kind of post! Here we go…

1) As you might, or might not know, I am a Nuun Ambassador again this year. Someone on the Nuun Facebook page for ambassadors wrote that a person on Team NUUNaritaville for the Key West Ragnar Relay had to back out, I just knew I had to jump at the opportunity. This was Wednesday (1/29) and the race is 2/7-8. Soooo a week away, haha. After calling Todd immediately at work to discuss the possibility, we decided I should do it! Holler! I’ve never done a relay and heard such good things about Ragnar 🙂 I.Can’t.Wait.

RagnarFloridaKeys2) This Sunday, Kristin is following in her sister’s shoes and running her FIRST MARATHON! (If you don’t know, Kristin is my sister ;)) This make me EXTREMELY happy and I can’t wait to hear about her 26.2 mile experience. We are heading to Miami early Saturday morning I’m sure the 4.5hr drive will fly by with all our race chatter. She’s also preparing like me…

KristinFierceFierceness runs in the family 🙂

3) Do you know what today is?! My Twin’s (not really my twin) Birthday! A few months ago we were at Target and saw these AWESOME (read horrible) Lion King leggings. We joked that we should buy them and rock them in public. Well my friends, if they weren’t $15, I totally would. But this cheap girl just can’t pony up the money, so instead, for your viewing pleasure…


Please notice that I’m roaring like Mufasa. The things we do for our friends 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!!!

4) I always find something good at Target. I got a “H” coffee mug a while back and just recently found her match…

IMAG1581Can you believe that this is my first ever “W” mug? Heather Winchell coffee mug is now complete, haha. Technically that’s a lie, you can never have too many coffee mugs.

5) FACT: I have to cutest dog in the world! She even uses a damn pillow when she sleeps.


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  1. So I was wandering World Market yesterday, and saw a mug I wanted so bad. It was ONLY $5, but I talked myself out of it because I really don’t need another mug. THEN I realized, MUGS…mugs are what I love to collect. Some people like rocks, or shot glasses, or silverware..I love mugs. I buy them when they go on sale at Starbucks. HA!

    SO AWESOME ABOUT THE RAGNAR!! Cannot wait to hear all about that experience!

    • I can’t wait to share my experience! It’s going to be awesome, I just know it!

      I think I might start collecting mugs now, too. At least they are a practical item! Did you go back and buy that mug? I hope so!

  2. I ran the Central Florida a few years back, it was an AMAZING experience! Several friends of mine have done the Key West one and they say its a gorgeous run! Good luck and have fun!

      • Get the biggest vehicle your team can afford…We had suburbans and loved all the extra space for sprawling out. Sleep when you can!! If other people are used to pulling all-nighters and don’t mind driving, let them do it! After two days of running on minimal sleep, your body starts to hate you! Bring headlamps…people WILL be running in the middle of the night and (from experience) not all the roads are well lit. If you can fit an extra person in your vehicle who is a biker, do it! This can be a great asset if there is an emergency or if a girl is running in the middle of the night where they don’t feel comfortable being on their own. Even though it is a ‘race’ everyone’s paces are so different that you can go quite a stretch without seeing another soul. Bring lots of healthy snacks to munch on…it is incredible how ravenous people become! Have a fully stocked first aid kit…be sure to include things for headaches, muscle soreness and stomach issues. We had THREE people in our suburban (me being one of them) come down with a bug and pepto bismol turned out to be our best friend. If I can of anything else I will be sure to post!

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