Ragnar FL Keys Recap


Tuesday: 4 miles @ 8:30 pace on treadmill/ Pilates

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 8:20 pace on treadmill/ ABs video

My right hammie has been super tight since Ragnar. I’m not surprised though, it always tends to flare up after I push myself a little too much. That, combined with the little stretching and lots of van sitting doesn’t create the best post run atmosphere, haha. A week or so of easy miles should heal that baby right up.


We left off with watching Leslie at the start line… Once she was off and running, we jumped into our van to head to the first exchange. Since Ragnar is a relay, there has to be a baton to pass off, right?! Well, Ragnar got creative and the “baton” is an old school slap bracelet. This alone excited me! I guess some teams just pass it on as a regular baton, but not Team NUUNaritaville Van 1! We slapped that bracelet on like we were back in the 90’s.


When runner’s had a long enough leg to run, we would try and find a spot to pull over and cheer them on before getting to the exchange. We found Leslie about 3 miles into her first leg and did a power arch to pump her up… it’s like giving her extra life in a video game, haha.

power arch

Three miles later, Leslie slapped the baton to Kristen. Another fun Ragnar thing is Road Kills. This is when you pass someone during your run, making them road kill. Beko caught Kristen adding a Road Kill to her tally during her first leg…

kristen kill 1Another one bites the dust! Haha. She then slapped the baton to her hubby Ryan (runner 3), who slapped it to me (runner 4). My leg was exactly 4 miles. I started around 2:30pm in the sweltering heat and humidity. We were still in Miami at this point, so there were a few stop lights I had to stop at. You HAVE to follow all crosswalk signs, so it’s not like I could just wait for the traffic to clear and go. As annoying as it was, I didn’t want to be the reason our team got disqualified. I WAS the person who missed a turn sign though. I was trying to keep up with this random guy on a bike in front of me and totally missed the sign to turn. I only ended up adding .33 miles onto my leg, but still, I felt REALLY bad for setting us behind a bit, even if we were just doing it for fun. I ran it at a 7:00 pace (I was at 6:55 until I got all turned around). Next up was Jack (runner 5)…

exchange 4Jack (blog link to be added once he starts his pizza blog!) then slapped it to Melissa (runner 6), his wife, who brought our first leg to completion! She hands the baton to Keith (runner 7) from van 2 and we are done running until they finish all their legs. Before I get into what we did after our first leg, let me back track a bit with how the van worked. We loaded it with snacky food like bread, PB, trail mix, a variety of bars, Publix chocolate chip cookies, PB pretzels, candy (Junior Mints! Goobers and Milk Duds), chocolate milk, chips/pop chips, oranges/bananas and lots and lots of Nuun!

van seating

We made a seating arrangement of sorts. Beko drove and Kristen sat up front to help navigate. The cooler and all of the food was also in the seat and on the floor by Leslie. We designated the spot Leslie is in, in the picture above, as the place the person who just ran sits, i.e. the gross spot. This way, that sweaty person had full access to a cold beverage and food while they cooled off and all the grossness stayed in one area. This worked incredibly well. Leslie was a bit of a floater since there was always someone in her spot, but I don’t think she minded… she’s a veteran to long relays 🙂

OK, back to the race… after we left Van 2 at exchange 6, we went for some real food. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate and PB but there comes a point when you just want something normal. We hit up a Publix and grabbed subs, bread, chicken, cold waters/soda and ate right there in the parking lot. The temps were cooling down, as it was around 5pm at this point and the sun was setting. The next major exchange was at the Homestead Speedway. We killed some time and watched the runners run around parts of the track.


I was always wearing my PRO Compression socks between runs to help my legs recover. OH! I forgot to mention that between the hours of 4:30 PM and 7:00 AM anyone who stepped out of the van HAD to wear a reflective vest and if you were running, you had to wear a headlamp and blinking light on your back for safety. This was a major exchange and Matt (runner 12) from van 2 was handing the baton to Leslie (runner 1), and our night leg was beginning.

Leslie matt speedway

We got a good group shot of Team NUUNaritaville (minus a few) in front of the speedway sign.

homestead raceway

I loved the major exchanges for this reason… we got to see the WHOLE team. We, van 1, were then off to the next exchange while van 2 got some food and sleep. I’ll leave you here, to wonder what a night time running leg is like… I know, what a cliff hanger!

Do you ever run with a headlamp?

What’s cooler- Power Arch or Road Kills?

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  1. As I drink Nuun right now (which I love by the way), reading your post, getting ready for my workouts, I’m very inspired!! Thanks for the great post!! Looks like lots of running and great fun and excitement! I love your pictures!!

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